Austin Mahone’s Heartfelt Thanks To His Mahomies

austin mahoneAustin Mahone’s has been really busy this past week, ever since his new album, The Secret, came out. He’s been around the country doing signings, even a performance at the Atlanta Braves game. He’s had the best time meeting all his Mahomies and he can’t thank you enough, writing a heartfelt message to all on his Instagram:

“This whole week had been so incredible. I got to personally meet thousands  of my mahomies all over the country and my first ep went to #1 on iTunes. It’s been crazy and I didn’t sleep much but knowing I have all you supporting me in everything I do is such an amazing feeling. I’ll never let you down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️💙❤️”

What a sweet message he’s delivered.

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