Riley McDonough Tweets Single Tweet With All The Feels

Before You Exit’s middle brother, Riley McDonough, tweeted a single picture today that just had my heart screaming for the 19-year-old musician.

He may be young, but Riley knows exactly how to get all of his fans attention, that is certain! The Before You Exit fans surely went crazy over twitter, saying things like “it’s me,” “it’s me silly,” and “i’m here waiting for you.” Take your pick, Riley!

Riley obviously has a long way to go, but you never know.  Before You Exit takes its members all over the world so Riley has many opportunities to meet ‘the one!’

We hope you find her Riley, but in the mean time, continue writing and making amazing music! You might just get lucky, she may find you first!

Before You Exit Shares A “Heart Like California” Fanmade Video — Check It Out Here!

before you exitThere’s no doubt we are all in love with Before You Exit’s newest single, “Heart Like California”. It’s one of the most beautiful and sweetest songs we’ve ever heard! With its popularity rising high, we’re not surprised that fans are already making their own fanmade videos to the song.

Just a little bit ago, Before You Exit shared a wonderfully pieced together video by Brazilian fans showing off their own style of the lyrics! You can check out this awesome video below and sing along!

Before You Exit Releases “Heart Like California” Lyric Video — Watch Now!

before you exitAs soon as midnight hit for July 18th, Before You Exit released their new single, “Heart Like California”. Along with the surprise of the release of this fantastic single, the guys created a lyric video for it as well.

Check out the amazing lyric video for “Heart Like California” below! Help support Before You Exit and get your copy of this beautiful hit on iTunes here!

Get “Heart Like California” By Before You Exit Now!

before you exitIt’s quite a bit past midnight, which means that Before You Exit’s new single, “Heart Like California” is available for download! Can we get a “Oh yeah!”?

To get your copy of this hit single, you can head to iTunes here! When you get your download, listen and get back to us on what you think of it! We’d love to know! Does it stack up there with “Dangerous”?

Before You Exit’s New Single “Heart Like California” Comes Out At Midnight!

before you exitIn just several hours, Before You Exit’s new single, “Heart Like California”, will be released. At midnight (July 18th), we know many of you Exit fans will be surfing for it to order a copy to call your own.

For right now, we’ll be waiting until midnight hits! Check back with us to see where you can get your copy of this new song!

What BIG Announcement Does Before You Exit Have For You? — Find Out Here!

before you exitBefore You Exit has just made a huge announcement on Twitter and we’re sure all you Exit fans will be excited to hear it! What’s the announcement? Tour? New song? Or even an album or music video? See what it is below!

There we have it, BYE fanatics! A brand new hit single, “Heart Like California”, is on its way to be released on July 18th! Will you be ready for it?

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