UNICEF Announces Launch Of KID POWER!


UNICEF excitedly announced today, February 25th, the launch of a revolutionary new tech & fitness program that’s working to get American youth active while helping to save lives around the world.  Through the use of the world’s first “wearable tech for good,” around 10,000 elementary school students in Dallas, Boston and NYC will take part in Kid Power which provides lifesaving nutrition to severely malnourished children.

Beginning in March, the thousands of participants will monitor their physical activity with UNICEF Kid Power fitness bands that tracks kids on their way to a goal of 12,000 steps a day.  That full day of physical activity converts into one packet of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food, a specially-designed protein and vitamin-rich paste used to save the lives of children with severe acute malnutrition.

The kids participating in the 30-day challenge will be joined by the help of their mayors, UNICEF ambassador Tyson Chandler, the Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins.

Merging technology, fitness and philanthropy, Kid Power will work to save lives around the world.

This is something truly great! Go, KID POWER!

Why Does Demi Lovato Work Out? – Find Out Here!


Demi Lovato has had a very busy past few days filled with performing and making public appearances, but no matter how busy Demi gets she always makes sure to have time to stay healthy and fit.

Demi took to Twitter to share why she works out and encourages others to stay active! Demi tweets, “Exercising is a blessing, not a chore. Going to the gym because I am grateful that I physically can. 🙏 💪 Don’t workout because you think you “need” to, do it because your body deserves love, respect & healthy attention. 👍💕💗”

We love to see that Demi is both happy and healthy! What is your favorite way to get exercise?


Demi Lovato Hits The Gym After A Retreat!



Demi Lovato has been working on her body, mind, and soul lately. She spent time time away recently tuning out the world.

Demi tweets, “Had a spiritual retreat last week full of organic food, working out, meditation and reiki healing… I feel so ready for this summer!!!” She also posted the above photo of herself working out saying, “Well, turns out I ended up in the gym.. Getting fit is my new hobby and I love it!! 😊💕z”

We’re thrilled to see Demi looking and feeling so great!

Ariana Grande Is Inspired By Her Grandpa’s Strength!



Any many of Ariana Grande’s fans know, her grandfather has been fighting a difficult battle with cancer for a while. Thankfully, Ariana took to Twitter yesterday to confirm that he is doing MUCH better and to let fans know how they can be inspired by his strength the way she is.

Ariana says, “kidneys fully functioning, liver fully functioning, cancer is at bay & the malignant cancer is GONE. my 90 y/o grandpa is a f***ing hero💜💜💜💜. my heart!!… he is an inspiration & a fighter. if he can do THIS at his age…we can conquer anything… keep doing it grandps. we love u!! nobody like him. he’s got what we all need.. strength, light, courage, fearlessness, humor, humaneness, a bad ass mentality & LOVE for LIFE.”

Ariana went on to say, “hoping grandpa’s news today brings hope & strength to any of u reading who need it. whatever ur personal battle is, u can overcome it…. 🌌🌌”

We are so glad to hear that Ariana’s Grandpa is doing well! 🙂


Miley Cyrus Not Taking Chances With Her Health Now–New Details Emerge!!

Miley Cyrus "Bangerz Tour" - Tour Opener - Vancouver, BC

Miley Cyrus is not taking anymore chances with her health when she resumes her Bangerz tour in the UK. Details have emerged from a source that is saying that she will have nurses on the tour to care for her in case her symptoms flare up again. So far Miley has had to postponed a few shows already on the European leg of her tour due to her continued issues with her health.

“Miley has been under the supervision of two nurses, who are monitoring her progress 24 hours a day at her home. She already has a nurse on standby for when she lands in the UK. The worst thing about her illness is that there are times when she feels entirely fine but then suddenly her symptoms flare up again. The reaction could still affect her over the next few days but Miley is determined to put on a great show for her UK fans.”

The insider added: “While she was in hospital, she couldn’t really eat without feeling nauseous so she started bingeing on junk food. Now she has been placed on a strict diet of fresh fruit and veg, and is having vitamin shots to boost her immunity. Plus she has been banned from drinking booze or smoking anything, especially weed.”

We sure hope Miley gets to feeling better soon. What do you guys think of her continuing to have health issues?

BKR Bottle For That Mom On The Go – Mother’s Day Guide


Keep mom healthy with a glass and silicone bkr bottle. Void of the harmful chemicals in traditional plastic bottles and available in a variety of colors, sizes and even ones with a heart design, these bottles are fashionable, functional, thoughtful and affordable. Celebrity mom fans include: Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Watts, Brooke Burke Charvet, and Malin Akerman.

bkr founders Tal and Kate are friends who share the belief that beauty can change the world. “We created bkr because we were intelligent, fashion-obsessed, cultured women who were drinking out of cheap, disposable plastic water bottles. It didn’t compute, but we were addicted. We searched and couldn’t find a reusable water bottle we loved. We wanted something clean, clear, effortless, luxurious and beautiful – that wasn’t made of plastic or metal, didn’t have a huge mouth, and didn’t feel like camping equipment. Something we could become more attached to than plastic water bottles. From this the idea for our luxe little bkr was born.” 

Check out the entire bkr line here: www.mybkr.com

TI Exclusive: IM5 and Walk For Kids Growth In LA



The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism in partnership with the Human Growth Foundation hosted a 4.8K Walk for Kids Growth (http://www.stepupandwalkforhgf.org/) community event on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at Griffith Park, in Los Angeles. IM5 performed at the event in front of an incredible turn out of their fans and walkers alike.

“We’re honored that IM5 is helping is raise awareness of childhood growth disorders,” says Dr. Duke Pitukcheewanont, Human Growth Foundation president and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles pediatric endocrinologist. The purpose of the charity event  is to “increase awareness of childhood growth disorders, early diagnosis and treatment, and to raise funds for research, education, support and advocacy”.

Check out some of the pictures the Walk For Kids Growth in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Crystal Ng

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