‘Outcast’ Starring Nic Cage & Hayden Christensen Heading To DVD/Blu-Ray March 31st!

Get ready for it! Entertainment One’s newest film, Outcast is battling it’s way to Blu-ray and DVD next month on March 31st! But right now, you can catch this epic battle-ridden action-adventure available On Demand!

Outcast stars Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen in a medieval adventure where they must fight side by side to protect a prince who fled to keep away from assassins, getting him back to his country and fight to give him back his rightful place on the throne.

Will you be ready for it?

VIDEO: Nic Cage Stars In ‘Outcast’, New Clips & Film Screenshots!


On Friday, February 6th, theaters are about to be action-packed as the new film Outcast — starring Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen — premieres!

This newest movie from eOne Films tells a fantastic story about an heir to the Imperial throne unfortunately becoming a target of an assassination ordered by his elder brother. With the attempt on his life, he flees the kingdom, seeking protection. To survive, he must rely on a battle-ridden crusader known as Jacob, who must overcome his own personal demons, and retrieve assistance from a mythical outlaw known as The White Ghost. Together, they’ll fight side by side in an epic battle to get the Prince back on the throne.

In celebration of the release, check a great interview with Nic Cage, a clip from the film, the trailer and some fantastic stills below!



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