Are Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Beefing Over “Anaconda” Artwork?

miley nicki
Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to share a spoof of her edited as Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” new song’s artwork. Nicki has been cool with all of the photo spoofs, but it seems that she wasn’t fond of Miley’s, as she took to her Twitter reposting the photo saying, “Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi. #AnacondaOniTunes.”

Miley didn’t seem to be phased by the post as she followed up by posting a “Hannah-Conda” photo and reporting the original photo as an editing asking fans to vote for her in the upcoming VMA’s as well.

Hmm… do you think Miley and Nicki have beef, or is it all a bit of fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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