Models Behaving Badly On All New ‘Chasing Life’– Sneak Peeks!!



CHASING LIFE – “Model Behavior” – April gets unwanted attention from her latest article in “Model Behavior,” an all-new episode of “Chasing Life,” airing Monday, February 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

April feels the backlash from a recent, controversial article, especially when it becomes national news and it turns into a case of he said, she said and her job is on the line.

Beth has an opportunity to impress her new boss by booking “real teen” models for an upcoming fashion show, and she recruits Brenna and Greer for the job. Brenna’s concern for Greer grows after Greer has an uncharacteristic outburst at the show.

Meanwhile, Sara becomes suspicious when Emma deflects questions about her recent high school reunion, clearly hiding something. Sara is asked out on a date by an unexpected suitor.

April’s Big Scoop Leads To A Difficult Decision On All New ‘Chasing Life’!!

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CHASING LIFE – “The Big Leagues”– April gets some welcome news from Dr. Hamburg that bodes well for both her and Leo. At work, she gets wind of a possible story opportunity with baseball player Richie Miranda, but when she gets a bigger scoop than she bargained for, she is faced with a tough moral choice.

Meanwhile, Leo grows increasingly uncomfortable living in the shadow of his family and their wealth and looks to Sara for guidance. Sara feels a need to make more of a positive impact with her therapy work after a clash with her office neighbor, an immigration lawyer. And Greer makes a bold change in her behavior at school that intrigues Brenna.

This new episode of Chasing Life premieres on Monday, February 16, 2015 on ABC Family. 

April Just Wants To Have Fun On All New ‘Chasing Life — Peeks Here!!


CHASING LIFE – “April Just Wants To Have Fun”– April starts to regret becoming such a homebody, especially when she learns Beth has been partying without her. When Beth hosts a house party, April lets loose – a little too loose – which leads to a major blowout with her friend. The new school year finds Brenna feeling alone and bullied, but an old friend proposes a truce to take down a common enemy.

Meanwhile, Leo gets some valuable advice from Sara and ends up getting a job, but he finds the new experience more challenging than he expected. Dominic has an awkward encounter with Natalie. This new episode airs on February 09 at 9:00pm on ABC Family

April Goes On A Date On All New ‘Chasing Life’ — Previews!!

Chasing Life Key Art

CHASING LIFE – “Cancer Friends with Benefits” – April and Leo attempt to make a new start while April and Dominic are unwillingly reunited to cover an event for the paper in “Cancer Friends With Benefits,” an all-new episode of “Chasing Life,” airing Monday, February 2nd at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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Has April Found A Donor On All New ‘Chasing Life’? — Previews!!


CHASING LIFE – “Guess Who’s Coming to Donate” – Natalie finds out she is a half-match for April; but upon learning what the donation entails, she reconsiders going through with the procedure. Sara’s attempts to change her mind only to bring up bitterness over the past. April has to re-earn her boss’s trust after screwing up her last interview and reluctantly accepts a soft news assignment to help regain the paper’s female readership. Meanwhile, Brenna spends a surprising night out with Natalie, and Beth’s relationship with Graham puts her in an awkward position with Dominic, on an all-new episode of “Chasing Life” airing Monday, January 26th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Hospital For The Holiday For April On ‘Chasing Life’ Special — Sneak Peeks!!


CHASING LIFE – “Locks of Love” – April’s grandparents come to visit, and April gets a chemo makeover in an all-new special holiday episode of “Chasing Life,” airing during ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas,” Tuesday, December 9th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

Watch The Riveting Summer Finale Of ‘Chasing Life’ — Previews Here!!


CHASING LIFE – “Finding Chemo” – April struggles coming to terms with her situation as she starts chemotherapy treatments in “Finding Chemo,” the Summer finale of “Chasing Life,” airing Tuesday, August 12th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

April begins her battle and month-long hospital stay with mixed emotions. Her resolve to fight starts to wane as her treatments take a toll. Not sure she can be cooped up in the hospital for much longer, April begins to panic. With her family by her side, April makes a surprising outreach to someone who may be the only person who can help her.

Meanwhile, Dominic returns to a much different April then when he left.

Haley Ramm Talks ‘Chasing Life’ And More — Check Out The Interview!!


Moderator      How does the relationship between Brenna and Greer progress through the season?

Haley      It’s definitely progressing! I’m looking back on filming those episodes; it was really fun to see how they were leading up to what was going to happen. It was like every episode it was almost going to happen, and then in the sixth episode it was really almost going to happen, and then seventh it finally happened. I think a lot of people were really happy about it, and that made me really excited. It’s a really fun TV relationship to be a part of, just to play a young girl who is going through that and is trying to figure out herself and her sexuality. It’s really cool to be that voice for younger teens. Hopefully if someone is watching it and they don’t feel comfortable or sure of who they are, they’ll watch it and know they aren’t alone.

Moderator      What’s been the reaction from the LGBT community? How does it feel to be a bit of representation and role model for that community?

Haley      The LGBT response has been so exciting and so supportive. I love how much they love this relationship. They’re all so sweet; they’re all so nice. That’s the best thing about it because sometimes when you get responses from people over the internet, people can be mean because they’re hiding behind a computer and they say mean things, but this is the opposite. There’s so much love; it’s a really great response.

Moderator      Are we going to see Brenna’s reluctancy to relationship labels change throughout the season?

Haley       She’s never really too pressured by putting a label on anything. The thing that I love about Brenna is she really makes it clear that she is bisexual. She doesn’t need to be anything so she doesn’t attach herself to anything. It’s really cool that she can be a free bird like that. I think everyone wants to be a little bit like that.

Moderator      Do you think the writers were conscious of turning that lesbian dynamic upside down? Has it been fun a dichotomy to explore?

Haley      I think the writers avoid any stereotypes, which I love. It’s a great show about people being themselves, and doing their thing. I do like that they didn’t stereotype Brenna and Greer in that way.

Moderator      What do you find most challenging about playing Brenna?

Haley      I think the most challenging thing about playing Brenna is I’ve never really been through a rebellious phase like that. I was home schooled as a teenager because of acting so I didn’t go to high school and I didn’t have those experiences, so that part can be kind of hard sometimes. I think that would be the most challenging part. She’s a really fun character to get to play, and the dramatic scenes are hard sometimes because of the subject matter of dealing with cancer and how emotional that can be. I think that, especially in Episode 5, the scene where our family confronts April and wants to know what’s happening, that was really hard. Scenes like that where we’re all together and it’s really emotional, you can only think what it would be like to be in that situation and a lot of us have been in that situation. Either going back to our experiences with that, or making it up; I think that both of them are hard.

Moderator      How are you the most like and the least like your character?

Haley      I am most like Brenna because I can be a little disorganized, just a little bit. I forget things; I don’t completely have it together yet. I am least like Brenna in a way that I didn’t go to high school.

Moderator      Is Brenna going to continue on this straight & narrow path that she’s been on since finding out about April? Or is she going to fall back into her more mischievous ways?

Haley      I don’t think she’s going to be entirely straight and narrow path, but she definitely does step up for her family. Before I knew where any of the scripts were going I thought maybe they would send her down an even darker path since she was a little rough to begin with, but they didn’t. She keeps stepping up for her family, and I think a situation like that really makes you realize the important things in life, and not to dwell on the little things. Even her little high school problems, she doesn’t really see as big problems anymore. She can get past it because there’s more to life than those little mundane dramas.

Moderator      What inspired you to audition for this wonderful show Chasing Life?

Haley      When I went in for the audition I really didn’t know much about it. When you go into any audition you just know what they’ve given you, and I didn’t have the script yet so I didn’t know that part of it. I had a couple of pages of dialogue, and made it up. I knew the story, I knew that my sister was going to have cancer, and she finds out in the first episode. You really don’t know much in the audition so you just do what you can and then you get the call back and I got the script so I read the script and absolutely loved it.

I tried not to get too excited about it because that’s happened in the past, where you get too excited about a project and it just doesn’t work out. I worked really hard on it, and tried not to get too attached, but went in and went to my call back and then found out that I was testing. When you find out that you’re testing you can’t help but get a little bit excited, especially if you love the script as much as I did. When I found out that I got it I was just so excited, but once again, you only have that one script so you don’t know where your character is going. Immediately after I got it I was just filled with questions. I wanted to know more about Brenna!

Moderator      Are we going to see more of Brenna and April’s half sister Natalie throughout the season?

Haley      Natalie will come around a lot more. She will cause problems, but not with everyone. When we first got to know Brenna, nobody really loved her that much. She was kind of annoying, bratty teenager and I think that Natalie’s kind of the same way.

One of my favorite things about watching the show is getting to know all of the other characters, and see how they unfold. I don’t see the other stuff that they film, I’m not there when they’re filming it so I like to watch it as a fan. I like seeing the other characters and where they’re going.

Moderator      What did you draw on for the compassion that your character Benna shows for her sister when she is diagnosed, when she undergoes a procedure and with some really strong care giver thinking about April’s treatment down the road?

Haley     I watched my aunt take care of my uncle. I helped take care of my mom after surgery. I can’t imagine anyone not being compelled to do all they can when someone they love is fighting cancer.

Moderator      Have you had the chance, or would you like to have the opportunity to share what you’ve learn about cancer care giving with others who are in that situation or to learn from them?

Haley      I would love to hear true accounts of caregivers. I’m incredibly inspired by the caregiver heroes out there and I know there are millions of them.

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