Learn How To Rock Ashley Tisdale’s Bob Hairstyle – Pics Here!



Ashley Tisdale recently cut and colored her long locks into a shorter and blonder bob hairstyle for the summer. Want to learn how to rock your hair like Ashley’s in four different ways? Thanks to BYRDIE you now have a step by step guide on how to channel your inner Tisdale bob!

Click here for the how to guide: http://www.byrdie.com/ashley-tisdale-short-hair and check out some lovely photos of Ashley getting her hair styled below!

Debby Ryan Shows How To Take The Ultimate Selfie!


Debby Ryan recently chatted with Nylon Magazine on ho to take the ultimate selfie with Canon camera’s Canon Power Shot. Have you ever wanted to better your selfie game or even begin learning photography? Well check out Debby’s how-to’s guide with Nylon below!

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