Wait! Who Is Special Guest Starring In An Upcoming Episode Of ‘Jessie’? Find Out Here!

B6mxy_DCEAAFl1YSo, do you wanna know a secret? Okay, well, maybe it’s not so secret since, chances are, you’ve already taken a peek at the pic above! But how awesome is it that The Vamps will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Disney Channel’s Jessie?

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing these British cuties on Disney Channel! So make sure you tune in to to the fourth and final season of Jessie beginning on January 9th! Are you ready?

Melissa Joan Hart Talks New Season 4 Of ‘Melissa & Joey’!


What can we expect from this new season of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey? How is the season different in comparison to others? In a recent interview with Melissa Joan Hart, one of the main stars of the series, she talks about old characters making an appearance, new storylines and more! Find out what’s coming your way in the all-new season of Melissa & Joey!

We bring in a few new storylines.  We have now a great little actress, Jada Facer, who plays Dani, Joe’s daughter.  Then we have Kevin Fonteyne coming back as Joe’s nephew, who we saw in the Jersey episodes last year and the wedding episodes. He comes back and is fighting for Lennox. He’s in love with Lennox and she’s torn between him and Zander, played by Sterling Knight. We have a fun storyline going on there all the time between Sterling and Kevin and Taylor, a nice love triangle that’s really fun to play around with. They’re all so talented.” She states.

Then Chris Rich came back for the Christmas episode and he’ll be back for a few more. We’ll have Faith Prince back again and we had Tamara Mowry back again. We’ve been having some fun bringing back some old guest stars that we love and adore. Trevor Donovan came back for the last Christmas episode. There’s a big 1880s style duel that goes on, between him and Joey, for my hand. It’s been really fun and we had such a blast being able to bring back cast members that we’ve loved and adored through the years. That adds to not only the comedy, because we’re back some of the stronger performers, but also people that really gelled and characters that really resonated with the audience.”

Wow! So many of our favorite guest stars are returning and we can’t wait! What about you?

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