Jake Miller’s Pre-Guava Fest Gym Session

jake miller

Flex those muscles, Jake Miller! That’s the way to do it in a gym selfie!

Jake’s spent some time in a gym session with Joey Gandolfo, Madison Bertini and an unnamed friend. The singer must have been getting some adrenaline going before heading out to the Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa today.

Workouts are always good to get the blood pumping! By the way, is it us, or is Jake’s muscles getting bigger with each gym session pic?


Jake Miller & Wesley Stromberg Enjoy Marshmallows And Ukeleles

jake miller wesley strombergTo celebrate the end of the #bandlife Tour, a huge barbecue was set up at the home of Keaton and Wesley Stromberg, two members of the group. Many guests were invited, including Jake Miller, who is close friends with Emblem3 and girlfriend Madison Bertini.

A nice group selfie Wesley and Jake were taken, with Madison included with a few unknowns. Here they’re enjoying some yummy, fluffy marshmallows and playing a bit of ukelele into the beautiful night. Did you save some for us, too, guys?

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves at the barbecue!

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