Austin Mahone: Birthday Surprise From Mahomies

austin mahoneWhen Austin met up with some Mahomies, he didn’t expect something as big as this. A few of his Mahomies found the now 18-year-old singer, wishing him a big happy birthday. Austin took a nice picture with the female fans, bearing an awesome banner just for him.  Not only did they get him a banner, these great girls even got a cake for him! Austin says on his Instagram, “Met these sweet Mahomies earlier! Thanks for the cake!! I love you ❤️”.

That was very sweet of those Mahomies. Have you wished Austin a happy birthday yet? If you want to, just head to his Twitter (@AustinMahone). Happy birthday, Austin, from us here at TeenInfoNet!

Emblem3: Popular With The Ladies

emblem3Emblems, especially the ladies, absolutely love Emblem3. Of course, Emblem3 loves them in return. The pic above pretty much proves that as Wesley and Keaton Stromberg of the group enjoy some downtime during the mini tour while in Birmingham with a few of their very lovely European fans. Keaton might be a bit preoccupied on the phone though. But Wesley enjoys himself surrounded by the girls as he tweets on Twitter, “Love our European fans!!!!” and ends it with two faces that have big hearts in their eyes.

Have any of you UK Emblems seen them yet? Tell us your experience.

Before You Exit’s Out Of The Danger Zone With The End Of The Dangerous Tour

before you exitBefore You Exit’s no longer in the danger zone as the end of their short tour, The Dangerous Tour, came to a close with their last show on April 1st. The trio had fun and were happy with the success. A lot of it in thanks to their fans.

For their own crew and friends, shown in a tweeted pic above, Before You Exit sent their words of gratitude. “Thanks to everyone for making #TheDangerousTour amazing”.

How was your experience on The Dangerous Tour? Give us details! We love details!

Zac Efron Chilling With Fans At SXSW

BiUM-liCUAAEbpzJust a while ago today, Zac Efron and the guys from the new movie, Neighbors, were chilling out with fans at SXSW. They were on hand for a Tumblr meet-up and autograph signing. Here, Zac displays his happiness with the dozens of fans who showed their smiling faces today. Were you apart of the meetup? How was it to meet Zac Efron and the rest of the Neighbors stars?

Wesley Stromberg’s Florida Concert Highlight

Emblem 3 ThreeOut of the entire night of the #bandlife concert in Clearwater, Florida, Wesley Stromberg says the highlight of his night was “def getting to hang out with the good homie (Andrew) he is truly and inspiration”. Wesley shares this fantastic picture of him and his group, Emblem3, with Andrew on Twitter. We hope you had a great time at the concert, Andrew!

Have you been able to meet Emblem3? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear your story!

Before You Exit Hanging Out With Fifth Harmony

BhmeZKzCIAAn_3zBefore You Exit was able to have a great night last night (March 1st) by meeting up with the fearsome fivesome Fifth Harmony! The group (Before You Exit) says it was great to hang out with them. Wonderful group pic, guys!

Blake Michael + Icona Pop: Group Shot

blake icona popBlake Michael and the Icona Pop duo stood together for a picture perfect photo opportunity at Universal CityWalk where they recently performed this evening, February 21st. The girls and Blake looks awesome in those outfits! They all really show off some style, don’t you think?

Did you make your way to see them today?

Sarah Gilman: The Wolf Pack


Sarah Gilman posted a sweet-looking, smiled-filled group shot on Instagram of herself along with a couple friends and the cast of I Didn’t Do It during an outing. She calls it “The Wolf Pack” which is awesome! Fantastic shot, guys! But only one question: Who is that person in the background playing Peek-a-Boo? Looks like they were photobombed! Now that’s funny!

Remember to catch Disney’s I Didn’t Do It airing Sundays at 8:30 p.m. only on Disney Channel!

Jake Miller: Doughnuts!

Bgkrq5PCcAAw2F6Jake Miller got some yummy goodness at the local Krispy Kreme at the beckoning of a few fans. With a couple of tweets from them, he was on his way to the doughnut shop and now has a box of goodies in his hands.

It’s really sweet how people can be! And Jake is even sweeter than those doughnuts for showing up and hanging with them for a bit, while able to chow down on some doughnuts.

Jake Miller: Night Out With The Gang

b96f693e96bd11e3afc71228f51002cc_8There’s nothing like hanging out with your gang of friends, ready to have some fun. Jake Miller took a night out tonight wandering around Los Angeles with his gang, girlfriend Madison Bertini included, where every body dressed up for the occasion and looking pretty stylish.

Hope you guys are having fun! What do you usually do with your gang of friends?

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