Taylor Swift Tunes Out The World While Out + About In NYC — Check Out Our Big Gallery!

Taylor Swift was seen stepping out of her new New York City apartment in the West Village on Tuesday (March 25), bundled up to take a car ride, walk the streets of Manhattan, and even pick up some groceries at a nearby Whole Foods!

Dressed in a cute black pea coat, a plaid scarf, black stockings, and lace-up ankle booties, with a hint of a red skirt showing at the bottom hem of her coat (to match her signature lipstick, of course!) and some bright yellow fingerless gloves, Taylor tuned out the city’s natural soundtrack in favor of one of her own during her outing!

Check out tons of pics of Taylor’s NYC outing in our big gallery below now and let us know what you think of her chilly city look! Do you like it better than her cozy shopping style on Monday?

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Flower Power! Vanessa Hudgens Grabs Groceries + Fresh Bouquets At Trader Joe’s — See The Pics!

Vanessa Hudgens brightened up her Monday (February 24) by picking out some gorgeous fresh flowers while out grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles, CA — so many her face was partially hidden behind the bouquets of sunflowers, roses, daises, and more as she made her way back to her car!

Don’t worry, though, Nessa fans, we got a full look at her shopping style as she loaded up her trunk with her groceries. Dressed in a blue coat over a black tank, distressed blue jeans, and tall brown ankle boots, Vanessa looked casual but cool while running her errands.

Check out all the pics of V picking up the essentials for a great Monday in the gallery below now:

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Hilary Duff Shops At Bristol Farms, Carries Luca… On Her Custom Phone Case, That Is — See The Pics!

There’s no mistaking that Hilary Duff is one proud mama when it comes to her nearly two year-old son Luca Comrie — even while she’s out getting in her regular workout at the gym and doing the grocery shopping, Luca is never far away. In fact, she carries him around everywhere she goes now, courtesy of an adorable custom iPhone case which features a collage of pictures of her and her adorable little boy! Say it with us: awww!

Hilary was spotted out at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood, CA on Thursday (February 20) after hitting the gym, still dressed in her white tee (topped with a cool leather jacket), black and grey striped leggings, and colorful Nike sneakers. With the load of groceries she came out with, she probably could have skipped the gym — just hauling them into the house was probably a workout in itself!

Check out all the pics of Hil’s shopping trip — and be sure to look close for the cute phone case, too — in the gallery below now:

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Hilary + Haylie Duff Take Luca Out For Some Last Minute Super Bowl Shopping — See The Pics!

Looks like the Duff sisters might be having a Super Bowl party tonight! Hilary and Haylie Duff were spotted out at Gelson’s supermarket in West Hollywood, CA today (February 2nd) picking up groceries with Hil’s son Luca bouncing happily at her hip. The celebrity sisters were dressed down in jeans, comfy tops, and Ugg boots, while Luca was looking was looking super cute in a heather grey shirt, tan printed sweatpants, and the most adorable matching high-tops! The girls were helped to their cars by Gelson’s employees, who were tipped for their trouble.

Check out all the cute pictures of the family grocery run in the gallery below now:

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Taylor Swift: Darling Dancer, Chic Shopper — See The Pics Of Her Out + About In LA!

Taylor Swift may be one of the busiest stars around but she always manages to get it all done and look great in the process. The 24 year-old was spotted at a dance studio in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday (January 21st) in a cool tattered sweater with a star print, getting some exercise… and perhaps preparing for her big Grammy Awards performance this coming weekend?

After dancing up a storm, Taylor changed into a chic all-black ensemble — her red lips and maroon booties giving the look some great pops of color — to do some more antique shopping and then hit up Whole Foods for some groceries.

Check out some pics of Taylor’s looks from her busy day in the galleries below now:

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Vanessa Hudgens Is “Crazy, Sexy, Cool,” Even While Shopping For Groceries — Check Out All The Pics!

Who looks awesome just shopping for groceries? Vanessa Hudgens, of course! Of course, the 25 year-old doesn’t need to try to be “crazy, sexy, cool” — the words on her leather cap, clearly visible as she kept her head bowed against the flashes of the cameras and her eyes trained on her phone — even in the parking lot of Ralph’s in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday (January 18th). We’re also loving her floral patterned bomber jacket — what about you?

Check out all the pics of Vanessa’s grocery shopping look in the gallery below now:

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Kevin Jonas Helps Danielle Jonas Grocery Shopping @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

kevinDanielle and Kevin Jonas are one of the most cutest couples. The two love birds shared a romantic New Year’s Eve kiss for New Year’s and they sure have a lot to look forward to in the future. Kevin and Danielle will soon be welcoming a baby girl into the world. While Danielle is late in her pregnancy, Kevin seems to be doing everything he can to make sure Danielle is taken care of and he is doing a great job! Danielle shared a video on Instagram of Kevin lifting and loading their groceries into the car so that Danielle wouldn’t have to! Now, that is sure the way to treat  his wife – like a princess! Danielle tweeted:

“My hubby so sweet goes food shopping with me… He won’t let me lift the bags”

Kevin would just not let his wife who is also carrying his baby do any heavy lifting. How sweet! Check out the  video Danielle uploaded by clicking here!

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