Ariana Grande Took Her Grandmother To The MTV VMAs – Check Out The Pics!!

What did Granny think? Ariana Grande gave her grandma a peck on the cheek as she arrived to the MTV Video Music Awards clad in a daring leather dress on Sunday in Inglewood

Ariana Grande showed up to the MTV VMAs in a killer black Moschino dress and paired them with thigh-high boots. The pop songstress worked the red carpet, but she didn’t show up with her rumored boyfriend Big Sean as expected. Ariana’s hot date for the VMAs was her fabulous grandmother, who looked stunning in her white blazer, black blouse, and matching black pants. The two posed for a couple pictures for the paparazzi, and now we know where Ariana gets her beautiful smile from.

Congratulations Ariana on winning the “Best Pop Video Award” for Problem… we know that your grandmother was very proud and honored that you would take her to such a special event. Love her!

Check out some of the pictures of Ariana and her grandmother working the red carpet below:


Wesley Stromberg Goes On A Date With His Gram — See Pic Here

BieNUliCUAAR034Wesley Stromberg and his group, Emblem3, had a couple of days off from their tour. With his day off before another #bandlife show, Wesley decided to have a good time, heading out on a morning date. Turns out his morning date happened to be his grandmother.

He says on Twitter, “Took the sexiest woman alive out on a date this morning! Haha I love my gramcracker”.

She looks like a very lovely woman, Wesley! Hope you two had fun!

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