Selena Gomez Whips Up Post Workout Meal With Friends! — Photos Here!

Today, August 9, Selena Gomez whipped up a delicious post workout meal with some friends! The 22 year old star posted these pictures to her Instagram account! I wish Selena and I were gym and food bffs!

Selena Gomez Hangs Out On Friends Boat!

Yesterday, July 16, Selena Gomez got the chance to hang out on a friend boat.  The 21-year-old star has been all over the place lately, from New York to Miami, from Miami to Italy!  We are happy to see the star kicking back and relaxing along with friends.  One request though, next time can we be invited!?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?! — Check Out Some Photos Here!


Justin Bieber posted two pictures on his Shots account late last night. In the first picture you see a dark hair girl which could be Selena, but in the second you clearly see Selenas face! Does this mean ‘Jelena’ is going to be back on? Stay tuned here on TeenInfoNet for the latest updates!

Police Called To Selena Gomez’s House — Find Out Why Here!


Actor/Artist/Public Figure/Etc. Selena Gomez has once again proven that she is a respectable public figure. Tuesday night she had a get together, as they called it “Taco Tuesday” in which she invited people over for food and fun.

There was singing involved and there was a noise complaint which involved the Police. 21 Year Old Selena responded very cooperated and turned down the volume. Selena posted a picture and a video the following morning which you can view here.



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