Taylor Swift Sends Lucky Fan Generous Gifts And More! – Find Out Here!


Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze the world not only with her music but her generosity and golden heart. Recently, Taylor sent a lucky Swifter a box full of gifts. Rebekah Bortniker received a box filled with some personal gifts from Taylor consisting of:

  • A necklace Taylor once called hers
  • A painting done by Taylor

However, that’s not all! Taylor also gave Rebekah a check for $1989 to go towards paying off her student loans. Be sure to check out Rebekah opening the awesome gift by watching the video below!

Fifth Harmony Packs Up All Their Fans Gifts In New ‘Fifth Harmony Takeover’ – Watch Here!


At the end of their tour with Demi Lovato for her Neon Lights Tour, it was time for the ladies of Fifth Harmony to start packing up all their belongings. However, some of the stuff they were packing was more than just their own personal stuff but also all the gifts they received from their fans.

In a brand new episode of  Fifth Harmony Takeover, Fifth Harmony fills up their bags and even packs a ton of boxes to be shipped. We also get to find out which ladies room together, who is the messiest and who gets into a grammar argument.

Check it out all for yourself by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Jake Miller Gets Greeted By Fans As He Finally Gets Home

jake millerAs Jake Miller got home yesterday (April 26th), he headed into the airport only to recieve a big shock. A bunch of fans had made their way to greet him as he returned from a four-month long stay in California to work on his music. He’s happy so many came out to give him a warm welcome and gifts.

Heartloom “Bohemian Luxury” Clothing – Mother’s Day Gift Guide


For the mom on the go, Heartloom has the perfect blend of effortless sophistication and bohemian luxury. Celebrity mom fans include: January Jones, Hilary Duff, Naomi Watts, and Gisele Bundchen.  

Heartloom is a New York based brand that combines East Coast sophistication with a laid back West Coast style that embodies the modern bohemian spirit. The Heartloom brand is known for a casual, cool and modern sophistication that extends beyond its celebrity west coast clientele. Vintage inspired prints, delicate dresses and knitwear with unexpected, quirky details tell a strong story about the Heartloom lifestyle. Feminine eclectic clothing that is effortless yet polished, providing day-to-evening versatility. 

Check out the entire Herloom collection here: www.heartloom.com

BKR Bottle For That Mom On The Go – Mother’s Day Guide


Keep mom healthy with a glass and silicone bkr bottle. Void of the harmful chemicals in traditional plastic bottles and available in a variety of colors, sizes and even ones with a heart design, these bottles are fashionable, functional, thoughtful and affordable. Celebrity mom fans include: Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Watts, Brooke Burke Charvet, and Malin Akerman.

bkr founders Tal and Kate are friends who share the belief that beauty can change the world. “We created bkr because we were intelligent, fashion-obsessed, cultured women who were drinking out of cheap, disposable plastic water bottles. It didn’t compute, but we were addicted. We searched and couldn’t find a reusable water bottle we loved. We wanted something clean, clear, effortless, luxurious and beautiful – that wasn’t made of plastic or metal, didn’t have a huge mouth, and didn’t feel like camping equipment. Something we could become more attached to than plastic water bottles. From this the idea for our luxe little bkr was born.” 

Check out the entire bkr line here: www.mybkr.com

A Gift For Mom That Will Never Go Out of Style — Red Carpet Manicure

image001 (10)

Need that perfect gift to remind your mom of just how incredible you think she is? How about the extra personal touch of long-lasting, chip-free nails?

The Red Carpet Manicure (RCM) Pro Kit—a fast, safe and easy at-home LED gel manicure system—has you covered this Mother’s Day.

With over 90 shades of gel polish and a variety of nail art kits and appliqués, mom can customize her very own look, from classic French manicures to the latest seasonal trends. RCM offers weeks of wear that guarantees a professional salon manicure.

And if gel just isn’t her thing, RCM recently launched 52 shades of professional lacquer ranging from nudes and light pinks to the brightest of spring hues.

Jake Miller Shows Off ‘Ellen’ Gifts With Sexy Bathroom Selfie

jake millerAfter his fun VIP tour at Warner Bros. Studios yesterday, he received some great gifts. A couple of the awesome presents just happen to be some Ellen gear! And oh how he wears them well! Check out his sweet Ellen t-shirt that is lifted enough to give us a nice, partial glimpse of his sculpted abs and, yes he has then, Ellen underwear, or is it boxers? Either way, we’re digging the gifts! Though, you probably haven’t read all the way to this point, huh?

Jake Miller: Great End To A Warner Bros. Tour

jake miller joey gandolfo edgar estevesThe VIP tour of the Warner Bros. Studio came to an end, but Jake Miller and his friends got a great deal out of it. Jake, Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves pose for a trio selfie showing off some new gifts given to them by Warner Bros.. Jake tweets:

Look at that! You got yourselves some souvenirs! They look great on you guys!

Laura Marano Meets Fans In Kansas City And Receives Gifts!


Disney Channel star Laura Marano experienced the gorgeous city of Kansas City, Missouri. Laura was in Kansas City to meet with fans on Sunday, February 16, 2014. While she was meeting her fans, she received some thoughtful gifts from them. Laura shared the photo above as some things she received. Along with the photo, she wrote:

“Kansas City, you were awesome! Thank you everyone for giving me my new bling today! ❤😃😍😜💍💎💍”

That was so sweet and thoughtful of her fans.

laura laura2

Lorde Is Getting The ‘Royal’ Treatment At The Grammys


Lorde arrived at LAX airport on Wednesday as reported earlier this week, and she was very happy to be on this side of the pond. Perhaps she was excited about her upcoming performance on one of the biggest stages in the world at the Grammys, or maybe there were other “things” on her mind. At most celebrity driven events, there are vendors there in the “gift lounge” ready to shower the celebrities with gifts that they can choose themselves or with predetermined gift bags. And these gift bags aren’t your mothers gift bags — the vendors spare no expense, some have been valued around 15-20K — giving them sunglasses upward of $200, high end perfumes/colognes, jewelry, guitars, the list goes on and on.

Lorde took advantage of the opportunity snagging a $160 iHome portable boombox, Solstice sunglasses, Gibson guitar, and few other items.

If you were in Lorde’s shoes, what items would you take and what vendors would you like to be there.

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