Taylor Swift’s Sweet Surprise At Fan’s Bridal Shower – See The Pics!


This past weekend, country singer Taylor Swift spared some of her time to deliver a sweet surprise during a fan’s bridal shower. Who was this lucky fan? It was a fan from Columbus, Ohio who goes by the name of Gena Gabrielle on Twitter who first met Taylor at a 2007 meet and greet. Gena invited Taylor to both the wedding and the bridal shower. With odds of Taylor showing up, the bride-to-be was in for quite a surprise. Taylor made an effort to show up at her fan’s bridal shower. However, Taylor did not come empty-handed. Taylor showered Gena with gifts of household cooking items such as KitchenAid products. Taylor even brought a framed work adorned with hearts and a lyric from her hit single “Love Story.”

Unfortunately, Taylor will not be able to make it to Gena’s official wedding ceremony. Gena shared numerous photos of Taylor’s surprise visit on Twitter and Instagram. While Taylor’s presence was super exciting, the singer made sure not to take away the spotlight from Gena.

Check out all the photos from Taylor’s surprise visit in the gallery below!

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