Take Me Out To The Ball Game! Austin Mahone Set To Perform Post Mets Vs. Astros Game!

austin mahonePopular singer, Austin Mahone, is set to play Citi Field on Saturday, September 27th after the Mets-Astros baseball game!

You can get your tickets to the game by clicking HERE.

Cincinnati, Alex Angelo’s Looking Forward To Seeing You — Details Here!

alex angeloCincinnati, you know you’re looking forward to the Cavs vs. Pacers game on October 15th, right? Well, how about this awesome Fanfest you can hang out at for FREE?

Hope you Fangelos are reading this because Alex Angelo will be at that Fanfest doing a bit of DJ’ing outside of the Cintas Center before the actual game starts!

For more information, just click HERE.

Walt Disney Updates Their “Frozen Free Fall” Game App

Frozen Free Fall

Walt Disney’s Frozen franchise just keeps growing by leaps and bounds; first with the release of the Sing-A-Long version and 3D movies — couple that with Frozen merchandise, and children’s toys, and you’ve got yourself a winner. In March, Disney released the “Frozen Free Fall” game app for Apple and Android products and the reviews have been outstanding.

They recently released their biggest update yet with the newest version 1.8.0. The update features:

* Play through 30 sunny and bright levels in our BRAND NEW SUMMER MAP and get gorgeously tanned with OLAF!
• Featuring ALL-NEW COLLECTIBLES! Gather flowers and unlock hot rewards like Olaf’s new SNEEZE Power-up! “Ahhh’CHOOOOOOOO!”
• Row into the sunset! Send Olaf’s boat a’sailin to clear tiles in your path!
• Spin into WHIRLPOOLS and help Olaf move tiles across the board!

Check out some of the screenshots from the updates and game below:


Madison Beer Plays “Unbreakable Rules” With Radio Disney — Watch Now!

madison beer radio disneyMadison Beer’s recent visit to Radio Disney was really fun. Radio Disney personality Candice took some time out to hang out with Madison in the studio, wanting to play a game. With the recent release of Madison’s newest single, “Unbreakable”, Candice wanted to play a new game called Unbreakable Rules. In this game, each rule cannot be broken and must be continuous.

Sounds a bit hard, huh? Well check and see how Madison and Candice did in the video below! You can even have some fun by playing along!

Christina Grimmie Plays “Must Be” With Radio Disney — Watch Now!

christina During a recent visit to Radio Disney’s studio, Christina Grimmie got the chance to have fun with Radio Disney personality, Candice by playing a little game called “Must Be”. In this game, Candice gives Christina clues as to what the answer must be and guess. As the game goes on, it gets a little silly and you’ll enjoy the laughter.

Check out the fun game below as you can play along, too! Make sure to grab Christina’s newest single, “Must Be Love” out on iTunes now!

Austin Mahone + Alex Angelo Play “Would You Rather” With Radio Disney — Watch Now!

austin mahoneDuring one of Austin Mahone’s recent visits with Radio Disney, he took some time to chat with Radio Disney personality Brooke Taylor and took a few calls from some Mahomies. Now, we get another glimpse of what was going on during the interview.

Alex Angelo, from Radio Disney’s Saturday Night Party, was on the phone with Austin wanting to play a little game called “Would You Rather”. We find out what Austin would rather do in different situations and get great answers!

Check out the fun game below and play along!

5SOS Takes The “Amnesia” Test With Radio Disney — Watch Now!

5sosHanging out in the studio with Radio Disney, 5 Seconds of Summer participates in a game with Radio Disney personality, Brooke Taylor. The game called Amnesia, in association with their newest single called “Amnesia”, is a memory game. Each of them asks a questions and everyone has to answer it, to see how well their memories are whether from far back or recently.

Check out their game play below and perhaps play along!

RADIO DISNEY: The U.S. Vs. U.K. Game With Rita Ora — Watch Now!

rita oraRadio Disney’s ready to play another game. This time they’re having some fun with British music artist, Rita Ora. Radio Disney personality, Brooke Taylor, stood side by side in the studio with Rita Ora ready to play the U.S. vs. U.K. game. For this game, Brooke reads out different categories and Rita needs to say what she feels is better than the other.

Where does she like the fashion best? What about celebrities and television shows? Is seafood better in the U.S. or the U.K.? She flips that card to show us what she thinks and tells us why!

To find out what Rita likes, check out the video below! Where do you think the best things are? Play along and let us know your preferences!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you download Rita Ora’s hit single, “I Will Never Let You Down” on iTunes now!

Cody Simpson Plays A Game Of ‘Eff, Marry Or Kill’ – Check It Out Here!


Cody Simpson is super charming and he can basically pick any lady of his choice. During a chat with Blunt Talking, the Aussie singer played a game of “Eff, Marry, Kill” where he had to decide whether he would eff, marry, or kill Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence and Kendall Jenner. During the game, Cody admitted it was difficult saying:

“Okay, this is very difficult because one of these girls I dated her sister, one of these girls is a friend of… you know, and Jennifer Lawrence… I’m not sure.”

Find out who Cody wants to eff, kill or marry by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

What Does Demi Lovato REALLY Care Or Not Care About?



With the recent release of Demi Lovato’s newest single “Really Don’t Care” hitting the airwaves, Buzzfeed decided to sit Demi down and ask her what she really cares or really doesn’t care about. Demi is asked about many topics including her thoughts on global warming, drinking plenty of water, One Direction, and even twerking!

Check out Demi’s big decisions here!: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/demi-lovato-really-dont-care?bftw=main&s=mobile

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