Wait! Who Is Special Guest Starring In An Upcoming Episode Of ‘Jessie’? Find Out Here!

B6mxy_DCEAAFl1YSo, do you wanna know a secret? Okay, well, maybe it’s not so secret since, chances are, you’ve already taken a peek at the pic above! But how awesome is it that The Vamps will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Disney Channel’s Jessie?

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing these British cuties on Disney Channel! So make sure you tune in to to the fourth and final season of Jessie beginning on January 9th! Are you ready?

Austin & Ally Fourth Season Not Yet Decided

Austin Ally LogoWith the recent confirmed cancellation of Disney shows like Shake It Up! and ANT Farm after only 3 seasons, the fans are now concerned about the future of Austin & Ally.

The writers for the show took to Twitter tonight in answer to a fan question to say that the show’s future is still undecided and that they may know in a couple of months which way things will go.

What do you guys think if this show too was cancelled?

@AustinAllyRoom @Little_Kaitlin No decision has been made about a fourth season of #austinandally, we probably won’t know for a few months! 😉

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