Bailee Madison Planning Surprise After Reaching 300K Twitter Milestone!

People StyleWatch Denim PartyYoung actress Bailee Madison has risen to a new segment of popularity on Twitter. Bailee has reached more than 300K followers and growing! She is so impressed and shocked by the success of her rapid fan base that she’s planning a surprise!

Check out the picture and tweet from her Twitter below!

Karan Brar Doing A Q&A After Reaching 700,000 Followers On Twitter!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Jessie, Karan Brar, has reached 700,000 followers on Twitter! In celebration of the big social media accomplishment, Karan decided to give his fans a treat by having a Q&A tomorrow (November 18). He tweeted:

“700k?!?!?!?! You guys are the best, how about a Q&A tomorrow at 5:30pm PST?”

That is super exciting! Be sure to tune to Karan’s Q&A tomorrow and possibly have your question answered!

Get Jake Miller To 700K On Instagram!

jake miller

Jake Miller‘s raking in the followers on his Instagram! The 21-year-old singer is ready to hit that 700K milestone, but still needs help to get there!

Will you help him get there? If you haven’t followed him yet,  you can click HERE to do so!

China McClain Reaches 1 Million Followers On Instagram!


Disney Channel star and singer China McClain reached quite the social media milestone this week. China was super excited and thrilled to have reached over 1 million followers on Instagram! The star posted a video on Instagram where she talks about her thrill of getting so many followers and how much she loves her fans for it. Along with the video, China wrote:

“A MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM?! 🙏💕 You’re rad I love you”

Congratulations to China! Be sure to check out the video message she put together for all her fans by watching it below!

Becky G Hits A Million Beasters On Instagram!!


Popular “Shower” singer Becky G couldn’t help but share a bout of happiness on Instagram today (October 5th). The music artist made it up to over 1 million Beasters on her Instagram! She captions with the pic above:

“Wow…. Speechless… I know a lot of people say that the number of followers you have shouldn’t matter but to me it does because it shows me that our little #BEASTER family is growing… I love you guys so much and thank you for your support. 😘😘😘😘”

What an amazing milestone! Congratulations, Becky!

Not only was Becky excited for this awesome following, but the fans were ecstatic as well! Becky shared another pic on Instagram which is an assembled collage of many Beasters showing “1 Million” signs! Check it out below!


Is Cody Simpson Doing A Follow Spree?


Cody Simpson has hit 7 million followers on Twitter! He has been super busy playing sold out shows and recording music on his free time. His fan base has grown so much!

Congratulations on reaching 7 million Twitter followers Cody! In honor of this milestone he is thinking of a Twitter follow spree to celebrate tonight, head over to Cody Simpsons Twitter to see if he posts any details.

Rowan Blanchard Announes Live Chat Date For Reaching 100K Followers On Twitter!


This past weekend, Disney Channel star from Disney’s Girl Meets World, Rowan Blanchard, shared her excitement on Twitter about reaching over 100,000 followers on her social media page. In honor of reaching so many followers, Rowan decided to set up a live chat for her fans. Finally, the star revealed some more details about the live chat. She tweeted:

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 6th for the live chat with Rowan!!!

Rowan Blanchard Reaches 100K Followers On Twitter!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Girl Meets World, Rowan Blanchard, sure has something to be feeling great about. Rowan has finally reached a Twitter milestone by reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter. The star shared her excitement by tweeting:

It looks like Rowan may be considering doing a live chat! We sure hope she does! In the meantime, congratulations to Rowan for reaching 100K followers!

Ashley Argota + Adorable Pup Annie Want To Thank You — Cute Pic Here!

ashley argotaAshley Argota, known as Lulu from the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP, shared this funny, but extremely adorable picture of herself and sweet pup, Annie. The puppy was in as much shock in the shared Instagram pic as Ashley once she hit over 150K followers on Instagram! She says:

“150K on Insta! Thanks a million. Love, Ash & Annie.”

We think it’s absolutely sweet Ashley shares the Thank-you selfie with Annie, don’t you agree?

Help Jake Miller Hit Half A Million On Twitter!

jake millerJake Miller’s pretty excited right now as he’s almost to another Twitter milestone of 500K followers. With less than a thousand to go, he urges his Millertary to keep retweeting and trend #JakeMillerTo500K. Not only has his fans been helping get the numbers to rise, but he’s giving something back in ways of retweets, follows and DMs!

If you’re part of the Millertary or want to be, help out Jake by following him on Twitter and spreading the news! He’s almost there! Can he make it very soon?

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