Miley Cyrus Adds Fan Items To Her Floyd Shrine

Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to share some of the fan made and fan gift items that she has added to her shrine for her dog Floyd who tragically passed away just months ago. One of the stand out gifts included a custom blanket featuring photos of Miley and Floyd. What a thoughtful gift! It appears that Miley and her other four-legged friends are feeling the love.

Check out the new photos of Miley’s Floyd shrine below:

Miley Cyrus Enjoyed The City Of Brotherly Love With Her New Dog Emu


Miley’s Bangerz Tour bus rolled into Philly after a stellar performance at Nassau Coliseum in New York. The Wrecking Ball singer performed in front of a capacity crowd in New York, and her Smilers came out in heavy support in Philadelphia. Miley sang all of her classics including Wrecking Ball, which we were able to get a copy of below. After the concert, she took refuge in her hotel with Emu a rescue Collie that she recently adopted to “replace” her dog Floyd who passed earlier this year.

Check out Miley’s performance of Wrecking Ball in the video below:

Video Credits: Pillgrimsprogress

Miley Cyrus Gets A Floyd Tribute Tattoo! – See It Here!!



Miley Cyrus and her friends recently got matching tribute tattoos for Miley’s dog Floyd who recently passed away. The girls got the tattoo which is a photo of Floyd with the words, “With A Little Help From My Fwends”, at a house party.

What do you think of this touching tribute? Leave your thoughts in our comment box below!

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her “New” Gapped Tooth Smile And Braids

Miley Floyd Tat 2

Miley Cyrus recently held a party for the Fourth of July in Los Angeles, and ever the gracious host she provided her guests with party favors. One of the more popular items from the party was a pair of teeth that can only be described as gnarly. The 21 year old flashed her gapped-toothed smile in a beautiful bathroom selfie on earlier today.

The “elegant” photo appears to have been taken in the bathroom of her home in the Studio City, CA; the Wrecking Ball singer wore a plush white microfibre bathrobe from Snoop Dogg’s collection. Miley captioned one of her posts, ‘ladeedadeeda @snoopdogg #bubbaz #robelife’. A number of guests even got tattoos celebrating the life of Miley’s three-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai dog Floyd, who was killed by a coyote in April.

Check out Miley’s teeth in her “before and after” pics below:

Miley Cryus Shows Off New Tattoo Nearly Topless–See The Pics!!

Floyd Tat

Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo and the singer showed it off last night in some nearly topless photos that she posted to Twitter and Facebook.

The tattoo that she got was a tribute to her pet Floyd that passed away and seems to have really devastated Miley.

Check out some more pics of Miley showing off her new tat. What do you guys think of it?

Miley Cyrus Has A New Puppy Love In Her Life!!



Although Miley Cyrus has had a very difficult time coping with the loss of her precious puppy Floyd, it seems as though she has found it in her heart to love again. Miley welcomed her new dog, rough collie, Emu Coyne Cyrus into her family and took to Instagram to share the nes with the world.

Miley writes, “Time to start making Emu accounts smilers. Hes here and here to stay. I welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into the family a couple days ago. Been keepin him a secret cause sometimes I’m weird like that. It’s taken some time to be ready for this next step and loving again. There will never be anyone like Floyd. There was a bond that was so deep it’s irreplaceable but that’s not what I am trying to do. Never will I replace Floyd and that’s something I had to take time to understand. we had a very special memorial service for Floyd and I felt my angel Floydy give Emu his blessing. I prayed to Floyd to just give him a touch of his awesomeness and he has. He is so special and different than my baby Floyd and I think Floyd did that on purpose. But sometimes he does little things that remind me of him and it makes me smile. I’m blissed the out right now. I feel like this is a new beginning in so many ways. I feel a change coming on.”

How sweet! We are very happy that Miley has welcomed Emu into her heart and life. Floyd will never be forgotten, but part of him with all live on. Congrats Miley!

Miley Cyrus Continues To Share Her Sad Thoughts About Losing Puppy Floyd


Only a couple of weeks, Miley Cyrus lost one of her best friends – her puppy Floyd. The passing away of Floyd was extremely hard for Miley and she was not shy to share her pain with her fans. While it seems like much time has passed, the time for healing has not been long enough for Miley. Today, the star is spending the day in bed as she is seriously depressed over the loss of Floyd. Miley shared a heart-wrenching note with her fans today. Check it out below and we hope Miley feels better soon.


Miley Cyrus Declares “#FF” Is Now “Floyd Friday”

After the recent, tragic loss of her dog Floyd, Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter today to officially re-declare “#FF (Follow Friday)” as “Floyd Friday” where she will be taking the time to post photos of Floyd to honor his memory. We think this is a sweet way to remember Floyd.

“Floyd Friday” is even currently trending on Twitter! Be sure to stop by Miley’s Instagram for the latest photos of her and Floyd today.

We Feel So Bad For Miley Cyrus–Find Out Why!


We feel so bad for Miley Cyrus. She is still having a hard time dealing with the death of her pet and friend, Floyd. She was up all night last night, April 4th, tweeting about about how much she missed him.

Miley Floyd 2

Miley Floyd 1

We can sympathize with her loss as the owner of TI lost his Father recently after a long illness. While the two losses really don’t compare in scale, the hurt is the same. The sadness and empty feeling in the heart is the same.

We hope Miley will be OK and we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Miley Cyrus Kicks Off Wild, Wacky, Wonderful Bangerz Tour In Vancouver — See All The Crazy Pics!

Miley Cyrus officially kicked off her highly-anticipated Bangerz tour last night (February 14) in Vancouver, Canada! The city, which was lucky enough to also be the first stop on Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour last Sunday, got to experience all of the larger-than-life set design (sliding down a giant tongue to start the show, the huge likeness of her dog Floyd joining her on stage at one point), the wild costumes (everything from jeweled, marijuana leaf-emblazoned, thonged leotards to a sequined Americana one with fake hillbilly teeth in her mouth to a t-shirt with her own face on it), and, of course, her over-the-top antics (getting down with her dancers, getting down with herself, crawling around in money, flaunting her long legs and a mostly bare behind.. and that was just to start) before the rest of North America!

Check out all the pictures from the first stop at the Pepsi Live Arena in our huge gallery below, and let us know which of Miley’s Bangerz tour looks you think is the most bangin’!

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