Jake Miller’s “First Flight Home” Music Video Hits Two Million!

jake millerIn just a few short months, Jake Miller‘s released music video for the hit single “First Flight Home” has made a pretty big milestone! Since August 8th, the video has risen in popularity with over two million views and counting! Jake was extremely happy with the turnout!

Congratulations, Jake! Have you seen “First Flight Home” yet?

Check Out Jake Miller’s Takeover Of Times Square — Watch Now!

jake millerIn the first week of August, Jake Miller headed out to New York City for the “First Flight Home” Launch. He visited MTV where he sang an acoustic version of the new hit single. Then the singer headed out to Planet Hollywood where met up with several of his loving and adoring fans. Quite a few of them were able to enjoy a special treat of dinner with Jake as well along with entertainment of him singing.

You can check out all the fun in a new video Jake shared below!

Behind The Scenes Of Jake Miller’s “First Flight Home” Music Video — Watch Now!

jake millerWe know we’re not the only ones who have enjoyed the greatest new video from Jake Miller called “First Flight Home”. With the linked individual stories, music and fantastic scenes of someone’s first flight back home, don’t you wonder how it all went down behind the scenes?

Now you can do that with this awesome behind the scenes video! Check it out below and let us know what your favorite behind the scene part is!

Jake Miller’s New Video “First Flight Home” Premieres — Watch Here!

first flight homeYesterday (August 7th), MTV premiered the newest music video from Jake Miller called “First Flight Home”. Now, the video has gone viral today and those who were unable to check it out yesterday, are finally able to view it! With voiceless stories of finally returning home after so long shown in mere minutes, it’s definitely one of the greatest videos to date!

Check out this fantastic video below and let us know what you think! Remember to get “First Flight Home” on iTunes now!

Two Days Until Jake Miller’s “First Flight Home” Music Video!

jake mllerThere’s no doubt the Millertary is excited for the next couple of days! Jake Miller recently tweeted the beautiful picture above from the “First Flight Home” music video which will be premiering in just TWO DAYS! Jake’s own excitement took over on Twitter as he tweets:

We can’t wait either, Jake! Remember the video will premiere on MTV this Thursday, August 7th!

Premiere Of Jake Miller’s “First Flight Home” Music Video Announced!

jake millerWe hope everybody in Jake Miller’s Millertary is excited! Just yesterday (July 30th), Jake Miller announced on his Twitter that the “First Flight Home” music video will be premiering on August 7th on MTV! And that means:

We don’t know the time, but chances are all of us will be staring at MTV for an entire day until we see that awesome video we’ve heard so much about!

Are you ready for “First Flight Home”?

Jake Miller’s Doing A “First Flight Home” Promo In NYC This August!

jake millerJust a short bit ago, Jake Miller announced on Twitter that he’ll be doing a promo for his latest single, “First Flight Home” in New York City this coming August!

So, New York Millertary, will you be ready for Jake Miller August 3rd to August 6th? Keep checking back with TI for any updates on his NYC promo!

Remember, get your copy of “First Flight Home” on iTunes here!

The Making Of Jake Miller’s New Single “First Flight Home” — Watch Now!

jake millerJake Miller’s newest single “First Flight Home” has gained quite a popular place in the Millertary. But have you ever wondered what it took to create such a fantastic song?

We now have the chance to check out the fascinating experience Jake had working in the studio to create “First Flight Home” with a shared peek of “The Making of ‘First Flight Home'”.

Watch how Jake worked through this piece of music with creating the song, singing it and piecing it together below! Enjoy!


Get Ready To See Jake Miller On August 18th, Long Island!

jake miller

In Long Island on August 18th, the Paramount will be welcoming rising music artist, Jake Miller to their stage! You’ll want to make sure you have tickets to see this great guy perform! Get yours right away here!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to get your copy of his newest single that’s flying away with our hearts, “First Flight Home”!

Jake Miller’s Got Sneak Peeks Behind “First Flight Home” Music Video!

jake millerToday is the day that Jake Miller is working on the music video for his newest single, “First Flight Home”. He’s been tweeting on Twitter ever since he got there, the excitement showing with his most recent tweet.

Jake even gave us a behind the scenes picture from the music video as well, which you can see above with him, Joey Gandolfo and another person wearing military attire. He also mentions on Twitter about some more awesome sneak peeks on his snapchat.

You can easily get the Snapchat app on iTunes or the Google Play store! Are you following Jake throughout the day?

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