Emblem3 Shares Fireside Story Memories!

emblem3With the Fireside Story Sessions Tour finally over, the guys are a bit bummed. They’ve truly enjoyed experiencing the closeness with their fans and hope their Emblems loved it as well.

To commemorate the tour, the guys shared some of their fond memories in the form of photos on their website! So, click here to check out their sweet message to you and find the nice gallery of summer joy!

Emblem3: Fireside Story Session Show Update For San Francisco

emblem3Emblem3 just recently updated news on their website concerning a Fireside Story Sessions show in San Francisco on August 5th.

Don’t worry, Emblems. It’s nothing bad. The August 5th session will be taking place at the Verdi Club located at 2424 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. You can also check out more info about the Verdi Club at VerdiClub.net. According to Emblem3, all tickets purchased for the show will be honored.

For more information on this change, head to Emblem3.com. To see if any tickets are available for your area, you can head here.

Emblem3 Presents Their Fireside Story Sessions Summer Tour!

emblem3This summer, Emblem3 has a treat for all their loving Emblems out there! This trio couldn’t go an entire summer without seeing everybody again, so they are presenting their Fireside Story Sessions Tour, a personal and intimate tour across the states and Canada!

During the summer, instead of playing big venues, they’ll be huddled with Emblems around a campfire performing. The entire experience begins on June 23rd!

To get more tour information, just head here and click on the city you want to purchase your tickets starting on June 9th!


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