Zendaya Shares Her Excitement About Reaching First Goal For Her feedONE Initiative!


Singer and actress Zendaya wasted no time today to express her excitement about reaching her first goal for her feedONE initiative. Zendaya reached the goal of being able to feed a school in Haiti for an entire year. Zendaya shared the photo above on Facebook and wrote the following note:

“WE’VE REACHED OUR FIRST GOAL!!!! Feeding a school in Haiti for an entire year…next up, Tanzania. Please help me and @feedONE in any way you can”

Zendaya also tweeted the following messages about the huge accomplishment:

“amazing news y’all!! U have FULLY funded the 1st school in Haiti…”

“The sweet children in that school now have nutritious meals for an entire year! RT!!!”

“we are well on our way to the next school in Tanzania!! please help spread the work guys! send out the link and info and tell ur friends!”

We sure don’t doubt Zendaya won’t be able to do the same for Tanzania!

Zendaya Coleman Is Celebrating Her Birthday With A Purpose


Disney star Zendaya is turning the big 1-8 on September 1st, a milestone for any teenager. But instead of that being her focus, the selfless teen has turned the attention to a greater cause. She has partnered with feedONE and Convoy of Hope to raise awareness and funds to feed the children of Haiti, Tanzania, and the Philippines.

“Too many kids will go back to school hungry this year. We can do something about that. Through feedONE, we want to feed 150 amazing kids from schools in Haiti, Tanzania and the Philippines for an entire year. Join me and let’s change the future!”– Zendaya

Check out the website below and be sure to donate here: http://t.co/p8JH6FEz71

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