COVER/PHOTOS: Benjamin Stockham Covers ‘Afterglow Magazine’ — Check It Out!

Ben Afterglow Cover

So, guess who has the opportunity to be on the cover of the newest issue of Afterglow magazine? Why it’s About A Boy star Benjamin Stockham! This young man is looking suave as he graces his first cover feature with Afterglow!

You can check out his feature inside the magazine HERE beginning on Page 16! Want a hard copy of the mag? No sweat! Get your hard copy of the mag HERE!

Check out some of the feature pics down below! He certinaly looks like he had fun doing the shoot!


PHOTOS: Asia Monet Ray Featured In ‘AfterGlow’ Magazine!

AsiaSpread1bGuess who made a feature and cover mention in Afterglow magazine? Why it’s the absolutely adorable Raising Asia star, Asia Monet Ray!

The young reality star dancer had a photoshoot earlier this week with Afterglow, several incredible photos and amazing fashion sense adorning the pages of the magazine thanks to photographer, Kalie Johnston and stylist Ali Levine!

Check out the incredible photos and part of her feature below! Wow, can we please get some fashion tips from this cutie pie?

LOOK: ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan Is On ‘Women’s Health’ Mag Cover!


The December issue of Women’s Health magazine proudly presents their cover star, Lauren Cohan, of The Walking Dead. Within this latest issue, Lauren talks in an interview with WH about playing a zombie, her holiday traditions and what keeps her grounded. You can check out a bit of her interview below:

On if she anticipated the success of the Walking Dead: “I didn’t really have time to think about whether I thought it was going to be big, I was just so happy with the show and being on the show and the people that I work with. It’s funny you sort of come out of our little vacuum of filming and you realize how popular it is. It’s popularity makes since to be because it’s such a loving environment and I would hope that would perpetuate in the world, in life. But no, I never anticipated it being that big.”

On how she likes filming and living in Georgia: “I love Georgia. It’s funny because I’m here more than I am anywhere else, so I don’t have a house anywhere else. It’s difficult being away from my friends and family, but Georgia has definitely become another home because I know have so many people that I know here. I like it. Everything that I like doing, which is antiquing, hiking and exercising and relaxing you can do that in Atlanta too. I am definitely a creature of change. I love new experiences. I love adapting to a new environment. It’s great for me to be in California for a big and when I tire of all the things that L.A. can be, which everybody does, then I can go to London and just see theatre and enjoy the rain and the fog. But that’s actually what I really like about Atlanta; it’s got something very English about it. It’s got such old architecture and there’s trees and the weather – especially today the weather just started getting foggy. You get to wake up in the morning and sit on the balcony, have a cup of coffee, and just feel. It’s got a richness to it. There’s nowhere else like England though.”

On if she thought she’d play a zombie: “I never really thought that I’d end up doing supernatural genres. I’ve always gravitated to supernatural things and I enjoy it, but when I started acting I enjoyed comedy and that’s what I thought I’d end up doing – just action, screwball comedy is what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s fun to do something like Walking Dead and now I have all the time in the world to do all of the other things. This has been such a rare experiences and such a special experience. I mean I want to do everything. Literally I want to do musicals, play a jazz singer, I want to somehow emulate Kevin Kline and Tilda Swinton.”

On the actor she admires most: “Tilda Swinton I’ve always just thought is so brave and so inspiring – trailblazing. She doesn’t follow any rules and it doesn’t seem that she adheres to anything in life but what her heart and soul tell her to do. I think that’s just always what I’d like to check in with every day — that that’s how I’m conducting myself and conducting my life.”

On what people might be surprised to learn about her: “People are generally not surprised by reading and walking and I really like reading and walking! The things that make me the happiest are just standing around a piano. That’s one thing I like about Georgia, I feel like I’ve met a lot of people with really old-fashioned hobbies. I go to a gospel church here – I actually go to a lot of different churches here just to sin. It’s been such a great experience in the south. Basically anything that involves piano, singing, jazz, reading. I could be in 1800 and be really happy.”

On filming The Walking Dead: “I feel like the show has given me fear! We have dealt with things every single day on this show that make the rest of life seem really, really calm and I think going through a processing that gives me a real appreciation for when things are normal. I’ve always been a fan of old fashioned things and something about the Walking Dead, even as we progress further and further into the show, it becomes a period drama because where it comes to clothes fashion and even weaponry, we have to have a cut off of 3 years ago.  We’re shooting a period drama that’s locked in a very recent but specific time.”

On her Christmas traditions: “I have a really colorful family, and I don’t go back to England every year but I’m going back this Christmas and my grandfather is coming from Spain. Christmas for us has always been very musical…and like everybody very food orientated. Christmas for us has always been a glass of champagne with our stocking and that’s the only drinking that I do on Christmas Day because I’m such a lightweight. My youngest brother since he was 14 has been an amazing chef so he always cooks us pig-in-a-blanket from scratch.  My grandfather plays the piano so we just kind of spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day playing music, playing board games. Heads Up is our new obsession. It actually used to be the parlor game where everybody puts their names and put them in a hat. My granddad never gets these games, so if we play something like charades, he will say, ‘Rhymes with Ichael Ackson,’ and you’re like, ‘Michael Jackson?” that’s not how you play that. Half my family lives in America and half my family lives in Europe so each alternating year is nice to get that sacred time where you know you won’t get any work pressure. Just like everybody.”

On how she stays grounded: “Georgia heat and zombies help that.”

On how she stays fit: “I try to follow the 10,000 steps which is not difficult if I’m busy working, and Pilates, and ballet, and dancing. Anything that I have fun doing. For me staying healthy is so often just about me being happy and a workout that makes me happy. Staying invigorated trying new things. If it’s outdoors or it’s dancing, I’m set.”

To read the full interview, grab your own issue of Women’s Health magazine on newsstands now! You can also check out photos within the mag and ones not included below!

Photo Credit: Tom Schirmacher/Women’s Health




Idina Menzel’s Featured In ‘Family Circle’ Magazine!

family circle

Award-winning actress and singer from Disney’s Frozen, Idina Menzel is featured in the December issue of Family Circle magazine. In the feature, Idina reveals her celeb crushes, how she lets it go on the tennis court, and her biggest TV guilty pleasure.

Check out part of her featured interview below:

On dreams of an alternate career:“If I weren’t an actress or a singer, I’d be a professional tennis player because I have a kick-ass backhand.”

On how the movie Frozen has changed her life: “My 5-year old son, Walter, now thinks I’m cool. That’s huge!”

On her personal highlights of 2014: “My biggest pinch-me moments this year were singing the national anthem at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game – 2 feet away from Derek Jeter! – and meeting Bono at the Oscars. I screamed like a little girl.”

On John Travolta’s infamous name flub:“John Travolta may call me Adele Dazeem, but my nickname from my family and friends is actually Dee.”

On mistakes in the beauty department: “If I could have a beauty do-over, I’d take back all those times in the ‘80s that I teased me hair up very, very high and used Stiff Stuff hairspray. Not a good look!

On her guiltiest TV pleasure: “I’m not ashamed to admit that I really, really like the Bachelor.”

Grab your copy of Family Circle on newsstands now!

idina feature

Lucy Hale Featured In ‘Flaunt’ Magazine! – New Pics & Interview Here!


Lucy Hale is currently featured in Flaunt magazine for their October 2014 issue today where she channeled her inner Mod! We love Lucy’s short do for the fabulous photo shoot as well as her 60’s fashions and makeup!

Lucy not only did a photo shoot for Flaunt, she was interviewed for the magazine as well. Check out her awesome interview and photo shoot below!

Lucy Hale

She’s Sitting in the Catbird’s Seat

Lucy Hale is a tricky person to track down. After a week of missed connections, we’re cheerfully chatting away on the phone as she cruises over Laurel Canyon. She’s gushing about her photo shoot: “It was one of the coolest shoots I’ve ever done—we put on a short bob wig, and makeup I don’t usually use. I’m definitely out of my element.” She stops to warn she might cut out. “There’s, like, terrible service here.”

Hale is in the middle of what constitutes a normal week for the 25-year-old: “Pretty much Monday through Friday we film the show.” She’s talking about Pretty Little Liars, the ABC teen drama that made Hale a household name. “Then on the weekends I’ll fly away and do performances or press for the album.” Now she’s talking about Road Between, the country album with which Hale launched her music career this summer, an album that debuted at 14 on the Billboard charts. On other days there’s work with Hollister, who approached Hale to be behind their first celebrity line. “Our hiatus [from Pretty Little Liars] is coming up,” she says, “and I think on this hiatus I’m going to do some film.” But she can’t give us any details on that, not for another couple of weeks.

“I always want to stretch the talents I’ve been given and do things that scare me. I want to be the exception. In the field of entertainment you’re often just an actor or just a singer—I want to be the person that can dabble in a lot of different worlds.” Sure, but this rapid-fire reinvention has to be a little scary sometimes, that spreading-yourself-too-thing, twist-and-wrench of the actor/singer-songwriter, and the curses therein. To boot, Hale isn’t just releasing an album—she’s releasing a country album. “Releasing an album was the most serious and most uncomfortable thing I’ll ever do. I think it’s about as vulnerable as you can ever get, especially singing songs that you’ve written; that’s your story, that’s your heart on your sleeve…  I tried to keep it from people for a while, I wanted to make sure that it was 100% right before I shared it with everyone.”

Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for sixth and seventh seasons, and after that “there’s rumors of a movie. I can’t say if it’s happening or not, but I think that’ll be the end of it. We’ve had a good run.” Beyond that, Hale plans to focus on things she’s “lightly dipped her toes into,” she says. “For music, I want to do a big tour. For film, I want to do crazy characters, still diving deeper into the things I’ve just explored.”

Television, music, film, and the unknown. Is Lucy Hale’s personal life following the headlong bulrush of her professional career? “Well, this year I bought my first house, which was scary,” she says. “I’m scared of heights, but I’m going skydiving this year.” She pauses. “We’ll see if that actually happens, but it’s on the agenda.”

Kelli Berglund Is Featured In ‘Thrifty Hunter Magazine’ – Check It Out Here!


Disney Channel star from Lab Rats, Kelli Berglund shared with us some behind the scenes photos of her photo shoot with Thrifty Hunter Magazine back in August. Now, the issue where she is featured is finally here! Kelli is featured in the magazine’s 2014 Fall Issue and Kelli looks absolutely fabulous in her feature photo. She shared the photo on Facebook and wrote the following note:

“Sneak peek at my feature in @ThriftyHunter magazine ~ Fall 2014 issue!”

Be sure to check out Kelli’s feature from the magazine by clicking here and let us know what you think by commenting!

Katherine McNamara Featured In Thrifty Hunter Magazine! – Details Here!


Katherine McNamra dazzles in her feature for the fall 2014 issue of Thrifty Hunter Magazine. Katherine has achieved many accomplishments throughout her career including recently being cast in the television show Happyland. Katherine discusses anti-bullying, following your dreams, her early life as well as what’s next for her in the issue which also features multiple photos from Katherine’s rockin’ photo shoot.

Be sure to pick up the fall 2014 issue of TH to read more on Katherine and check out her photos and story below!

Bella Thorne Included In ‘Teen Vogue’s 2014 ‘TV Young Hollywood’ Profile!

Bella Thorne, Keke Palmer, Keegan Allen, Jaden Smith and more have been included in ‘Teen Vogue’s ‘TV Young Hollywood’ profile in the newest issue of the magazine! Check out Bella’s profile from ‘Teen Vogue‘ below!

“Age: 16
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Screen Siren: Bella Thorne‘s movie- theater takeover is imminent. With roles in Adam Sandler’s Blended and the upcoming Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, it’s just the beginning. Next year she’s playing an agoraphobic teen in Big Sky, the mean girl in The DUFF, and a goth chick in Amityville.
Girl Wonder: When she’s not in front of the camera, you’ll find Bella in the recording studio: Her debut album is in the works. “There’s hip-hop, R&B, indie Coachella music—a little bit of everything,” she reveals. Oh, on top of all that, Bella’s also penning a new YA series: Autumn Falls. She says, “Being dyslexic, I wanted to show people that if I can write books, you can do anything you want to.”—Casey Lewis”

Bella took to the net to share the above photo saying, “So excited to be part of @teenvogue‘s 2014 #tvyounghollywood Check out the issue on stands to see my other picture and my mates that are also featured! @cameronmonaghan @liltimmytim @kekepalmer”

Jake T. Austin Flaunts His Sexy Abs In New Issue Of ‘Flaunt’ Magazine — Check It Out!

jake austinThe Fosters star, Jake T. Austin is featured in the newest issue of Flaunt Magazine posing and showing off those totally-worked for abs of his! Jake also speaks to Flaunt about his new role in the new adaption of Huckleberry Finn, favorite comfort food and his career.

Check out the interview with Flaunt HERE!

Christina Perri’s Performance Of ‘Burning Gold’ In Her Return To ‘SYTYCD’ — WATCH NOW!!


Last night, Christina Perri made her triumphant return to FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance to perform her new single “Burning Gold.” The appearance, choreographed by Perri’s longtime friend and collaborator (and SYTYCD choreographer/dancer/guest judge)  Stacey Tookey – marks Perri’s 4-year return to the dance competition series where her 2010 debut single, “Jar of Hearts,” first earned national attention before becoming a 4x RIAA platinum certified worldwide smash. In addition, last week also saw Perri performing “Burning Gold” on both NBC’sTODAY and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Perri will hit the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles for a very special live stream event, set for this Friday, August 8th at 7 PM PT. For complete information, please visit

In more news, Christina will join Demi Lovato as a special guest on the next leg of her blockbuster “World Tour” this fall as well as One Republic’s “Native Summer Tour which gets underway this month. For complete show details and ticket availability, check out:

CHRISTINA PERRI performs ‘BURNING GOLD’ on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’
Watch here:

Check out the official video for “Burning Gold” here:

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