#Fangelos, Get Ready To Join Alex Angelo For A New Meetup In Pittsburgh! — Details!

alexangeloAccording to Alex Angelo on Instagram, the young Radio Disney Saturday Night Party DJ will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this coming Saturday, February 7th for an awesome #FangeloMeetup! He shared this awesome new picture of himself (above) on Instagram with a caption saying:

Pittsburgh. Saturday. 1pm. Ross Park Mall. Food court. #fangelomeetup. Repost! New pic by @tjdstudio”

So, Fangelos, will you be making your plans to meet up with Alex? Let us know how it goes!

Alex Angelo Has A #Fangelo In Taylor Swift’s Mom — See The Pic!

alexAfter a performance last night in Nashville, Alex Angelo was greeted with a knock on his RV door by none other than singer Taylor Swift’s mother! Apparently she enjoyed his show and he was able to get a pic of them together (which you can see above). Alex writes with the Instagram photo:

“You are never going to believe what just happened to me last night. I am in the RV with the fam. I get a knock on the door. I open it- it’s Taylor Swift’s Mom. We were in Nashville and she was at the show. She said that she saw me perform and she had to come back and tell me how impressed she was. I am freaking out right now. I respect Taylor so much. She said that it takes a lot to impress her and she loved my set. Wow Wow Wow. She asked for a hug and I got a pic! I’m dying right now. This was crazy magical. What just happened? Things are meant to be. She got me.”

Guess Alex has a new #Momgelo on his side! What do you think of his new fan?

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