Selena Gomez Inspires Fan To Stop Harming Herself -Amazing Story!!

Selena Gomez Seen Leaving The Lax Airport In Los Angeles

Selena Gomez chatted with her fans from the Interscope Records studio last night while she is working on her next album.  We are so excited to hear Sel’s new material.

One fan that called in had a touching story about how Sel had inspired her to stop harming herself. Check out what the fan posted to her instagram below.

@asslena: Okay here is the entire story. I got the tweet selena retweeted and then I kept calling. The line kept going busy and then it went to the voicemail. I decided to leave a voicemail and I left my number. So I kept trying to call and nothing was working. I got an unknown phone call and i knew it was her. So I picked up and all you hear is her cute little voice and she was like “HIII YOU JUST LEFT A VOICEMAIL.” AND I was like “oh my god selena hi! Can I tell you something” and she was like “yeah sure.” And I was like “i met you over a year ago and I gave you my blades..” And zedd was like “blades?” And I was like “yeah I self harmed” and selena was like “OH MY GOD I REMEMBER IT WAS IN A LITTLE BOX RIGHT?” AND i was like “…,no I was from Chicago but because of you I am 1 year clean. Like I got love yourself first on my wrist to keep me going” and she was like “OH MY GOD I HAVE IT ON MY BACK” AND I was like “THAT’S WHY I HAD TO GET IT” then I said “anytime I felt low and I felt like I was gonna hurt myself again I thought of you and you lifted me up.” And she said “AWW I AM SO PROUD OF YOU” and i said “that means so much to me…” And I said “YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM” I was so shy when I said asslena lol but she said “YOU BETTER WORK IT GIRL” AND I SAID “OH YOU KNOW I’LL BE POSTING YOU” and then she said “well we have to take other calls and i love you and stay strong” and then we hung up. Seriously I am not okay right now.

That is just amazing and Sel should be proud about how great of an inspiration that she is to her fans.  What do you guys think about this?

Just as a side note, Sel was the original inspiration for when it first started back in 2007.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Comforts Young Star-Struck Fan Saying “You Gotta Smile”!

justinAs Justin Bieber attended an event at West Coast Customs over the weekend on December 7th, there was a seemingly long line of fans waiting to meet and take selfies with the pop singer. Amongst those fans, there was an adorable young fan who couldn’t hold her tears in as she met her favorite singer.

Through all the tears, she received his autograph and a picture together with Justin. Before the picture was taken, Justin gently wiped away her tears and tells the young fan, “You gotta smile!” which did make her smile!

Check out this adorable video below!

Vanessa Hudgens Makes ‘Make-A-Wish’ Child’s Dream Come True!


Thanks to Hollywood Domino and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Vanessa Hudgens was able to make an sweet ill child’s dream come true on November 9th. Vanessa took to her Instagram to share the wonderful story of how she met her fan Julia saying,

“Thank you @hollywooddomino for helping make more dreams come true for all the children of @makeawishamerica. This is Julia. She’s 8, and in remission. She shined brighter than anyone in the room. So in love with her strength and spirit. Truly inspired by this little angel👼. I donated and you can help make wishes come true too by going to”

We think that its wonderful that Vanessa and Julia got to spend some time together! We hope they had a wonderful time. From the fun photos above, it definitely looks like they did!

Jake Miller Shares A Hug With A Young Fan!

jake millerJake Miller has a huge love toward his Millertary. Even the youngest ones. During a meet and greet yesterday, Jake noticed a small raised hand in the crowd that belonged to an adorable boy named Lucas. The rapper shared this collage of photos on his Instagram with a caption saying:

“Everyone meet Lucas. I was in the middle of a meet and greet yesterday and he raised his hand and asked if he could give me a hug me. Love ya buddy!”

It’s little things like this that make us love our favorite celebs so much!

Ariana Grande Sends Some Sweet Advice To A Fan – Check It Out Here!


We know singer and actress Ariana Grande can be super busy in her career and with her sophomore album, My Everything, out, Ariana has been putting on some amazing performances of her songs. However, despite her being super busy, she makes sure to make time for her fans. Ariana revealed via Instagram and conversation she had with an Ariantor named Maya where Maya asked Ariana for some advice about self acceptance.

Ariana, of course, responded to Maya and she shared a photo of the conversation and wrote the following with the photo:

“here are some dms I sent to a love named maya. posting em on here in hopes that maybe they’ll be helpful to some of u loves that can relate! I know I can. please be good to u. life is a gift and there is no need to waste it hating on the things we can’t control. as hard as that can be. try to focus more on improving the things we actually can control / change…. our outlook, our state of mind, our ego, the way we treat others, the way we treat ourselves, showing more appreciation, not giving into our fears, the way we react to obstacles, etc..  some of the most important work we do during our time here on this earth is the work we do on ourselves. and it’s hard work too. love youuuu tons”

Be sure to check out the advice Ariana gave in the photo below and let us know what you think by commenting!


Demi Lovato Covers Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” At Baltimore Gig — Watch Here


Demi Lovato kicked off her “World Tour” in Baltimore, Maryland on September 6th. The “Neon Lights” singer surprised fans with a cover of Michael Jackson’s hit “Thriller”.

Check out a fan’s video below of the performance.

Jake Miller’s Fans Know Him Too Well — See The Best Present He’s Ever Received From A Fan!

jakeFans absolutely love giving their favorite stars presents and the celebs enjoy receiving them. Especially Jake Miller. His Millertary fanbase knows him like the backs of their hands.

Check out the this funny, but awesome present he received from a fan above! He captions the pic on Instagram saying:

“By far the best present I’ve ever gotten from a fan 🎁 #YouKnowMeTooWell”

Of course, we all know he loves Chipolte. So no doubt he’s in love with this shirt! What do you think of this hilarious shirt?

Kendall Takes Selfies With A Fan — Photos Here!

Kendall Jenner - Kendall Jenner Out And About In NYC

Kendall Jenner, who is now going by only Kendall, was seen leaving Kim and Kanye’s apartment in NYC today, August 30th. Earlier in the day, she was out and about with Hailey Baldwin. But this time Kendall was rolling solo.

While walking over to her car, a fan was trying to snap a few selfies with Kendall, and Kendall stopped and smiled for a quick second. Check out the photos below!

Before You Exit’s Connor McDonough Has “Fallen” For A Chair — Check Out The Vine!

before you exitYoung hottie Connor McDonough (far left) of the trio, Before You Exit, had a bit of a fall out with his chair at a meet and greet just last week. After getting a hug from a fan, the young singer went to take a seat when, unfortunately, the chair looks like it was pulled from under him and fell.

It’s fortunate to say that he laughed it off and has no injuries. You can check out the hilarious Vine of it below! Tell us your reaction!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Spotted Riding A Spyder Bike Together!


It looks like things are going well for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber once again! The dynamic duo was spotted in Los Angeles on a Spyder Bike together. A fan caught them on video on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, but was denied a photo by Justin. Check out the clip below! Hmm… do you think the pair on back on again?

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