Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 5 — Watch Now!

cimorelliIn this fifth episode of Summer With Cimorelli called, “Pretty Little Cimorelliars”, the sisters rehearse the conversation with their mother before actually speaking to her. Unfortunately, they seem to have trouble with their cover story. As they converse with their mother, the girls breeze through with no problem until they end the video chat causing their mother to send over Grandma Judy to check on them.

Check out the final episode of this great series below and let us know what you think!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 5 — Watch It Here

emblem 3It hasn’t been too long since the last #bandlife episode, but to Emblems, it must feel like forever. Wait no longer as episode 5 of #bandlife has arrived for your viewing! In this new episode, they hit the Northeast in Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston and New York City where they meet some overly excited crowds!

Get yourselves comfortable and check out #bandlife episode 5 below!

Neon Lights Tour Diary Episode 5: Demi Lovato’s Got Glam — See Video Inside

demiQuickly, another mini episode for the Neon Lights Tour Diary has emerged! This episode is practically a continuation of episode 4 as you checked out her style! Now, check out the glam! Get taken inside the tour’s ‘glam’-orous life as Jill Powell, the makeup/hair stylist for Demi, tells you about working with Demi on the Neon Lights Tour! Check it out below!

Emblem3: Episode 5 Of #E3TV -Video Inside- @EmblemThree

Emblem 3These episodes just keep on coming. Last episode, you got to know Keaton Stromberg a bit, but now in episode five, it’s time to play “20 Questions with Wesley”. Yep! How much do you know about this other brother in Emblem3? Find out! Check out the video below! Remember to give this video some love by letting Emblem3 know how much you enjoy them on the video’s site!


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