AJR: Tour Q & A Episode 3 — Watch Now!

ajrHey, AJR fans! Are you ready for another Tour Q & A video from AJR themselves? We know we’re happy about it!

In the latest Q & A from the guys, we get the inside scoop on their favorite state locations, what Jack looks for in a girl and the dish on their upcoming performance on the TODAY Show!

Check it all out in new video below!

Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 3 — Watch Now!

cimorelliIn the new episode 3 of Summer With Cimorelli, it’s chicken soup and tissues time as the sisters end up getting sick!

It all starts when Lisa catches Lauren with her name-labeled pudding, snatching it back, but being forewarned about the issue of getting sick. Both sisters end up getting sick, then passes down the line when Katherine and Christina end up ill, too. With Amy and Dani the only healthy ones, they’re responsible for everything, including what to do for their next money-maker.

An opportunity presents itself in the grocery store parking lot in the form of a football player who agrees to let the sisters perform the Star-Spangled Banner at his next football game via satellite.

Check out the new episode below and let us know what you think of their performance!

Keaton Stromberg: Episode 3 Of TK — Watch Now!

keaton stromberg The awesomeness of Emblem3’s Keaton Stromberg and his partner in hilarity, Tyler Case, will never cease! These two are back again with another episode of their video series, TK. You saw the funny first introduction episode, then the Best Friend Tag. Now, they share the third episode which includes the Photo Booth Challenge.

Watch the craziness unfold in the video below as Keaton and Tyler can have you laughing for hours! Enjoy!


Before You Exit: The Dangerous Tour Series Episode 3 — Watch Now!

before you exitThe newest episode in The Dangerous Tour Series from Before You Exit is here! Check what the boys are up to in episode 3!

This episode they show what they do in different cities. In New York, they decide to do a bit of sightseeing, the trip including a visit to Marvel Studios. While in Hamden, Connecticut, they show off their VIP Meet & Greet with a little dance party going on. See them in Vienna and other cities doing rehearsal, concert snippets and so much more!

Check out the new episode below and let us know what you think!

Austin Mahone: #TourLife Episode 3 — Watch Now

austin mahone

Catch up with Austin Mahone in a brand new episode of #TourLife! In this episode, we follow Austin and his friends as they go on a shopping trip, move to some music and play some video games.

Oh, did we mention a cheese-stache and someone’s left out in the cold with just boxers and shoes on? You really want to see this video now, huh? No problem, check it out below and let us know what you think!

Fifth Harmony’s Tour Diary Episode 3 — See Video Here

fifthThe third episode of Fifth Harmony’s Tour Dairy has finally come! After checking out the awesome episodes of 1 & 2 where they begin their preparation for the tour, the third offers a bit of insight in a daily day of the Neon Lights Tour for them. You’ll get to chill with them from the moment they wake up with Clean & Clear to the night of the show. See them meeting up with their Harmonizers and give a private performance just for them! Enjoy the video below and tell us what you think!

Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, + Her Band Take You Backstage At Neon Lights Tour Rehearsal — Watch Now!

Demi Lovato has teamed with the Radiant Collection from Tampax and Always to bring her fans an inside look at her Neon Lights tour with exclusive tour diaries that have already covered everything from the design to the making of the video content, and today’s episode is all about the hard rehearsal that went into show that audiences across North America have been enjoying!

In addition to hearing from Demi on the process, creative and music director Nick Jonas talks building moments into the show for Demi to play instruments, and Mike Manning and Steven Rodriguez, members of Demi’s band, talk about taking the stage with her.

Check it all out in the video below now:

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Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 3 — See Video Inside

emblem 3The trio is back with another #bandlife episode for all you Emblems out there. Catch them in episode 3 of #bandlife as they perform in Indianapolis, Indiana, then head north to Montreal, Quebec! Enjoy the video below!

Emblem3: Episode 3 Of #E3TV -Video Inside- @EmblemThree

Emblem 3Episode three of #E3TV has come out quicker than expected. The second episode revealed the living arrangement of Emblem3 members/brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromberg. Now, this episode titled “At Home With Drew” takes you inside Drew Chadwick’s pad! Want to see it? Check it out below! Let us know how much you like it and head to the video site to let Emblem3 know how you feel about these episodes as well!

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