Shawn Mendes Performs In His Hometown In New ‘Life On The Road’ Episode – Watch Here!


In an all new episode of Shawn Mendes‘ new #LifeOnTheRoad series, Shawn performs in his hometown – Toronto, Canada. Shawn has performed at numerous venues in front of thousands of people but the musician reveals that he is nervous to perform in Toronto since not only will hundreds of his fans be there but also his family and friends!

Be sure to check out the new #LifeOnTheRoad episode by watching it in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

AJR: Tour Q & A Episode 2 — Watch Now!

ajrAfter the first episode of their Tour Q & A session, the guys made sure to grab more of your questions to answer from their comments section, continuing their Summer Tour Q & A series.

You can find out answers to many things you’ve never known before. Find out where you can buy their merchandise, their favorite bands, how old they are and more.

So, check out all the much needed answers to your questions below. Perhaps they answered yours. Also, make sure you head to the video on YouTube to ask your questions.


Summer With Cimorelli: Episode 2 — Watch Now!

cimorelliWe can already hear Cimorelli fans shouting for joy! An all-new episode of Summer with Cimorelli has emerged for your viewing pleasure!

In episode 2, the girls are trying to figure out a way to make money. With only $6 left to their name, they must come up with a bright idea to earn more. What better way to earn the money than making videos, which they shoot on a crowded boardwalk!

Check out the beautiful harmony of Cimorelli in “The Bright Idea” below!

Keaton Stromberg: Episode 2 Of TK — Watch Now!

keaton strombergSo, after watching the hilarious first episode of TK starring Keaton Stromberg, of Emblem3, and his best friend Tyler, did you want more? Of course you did! Who wouldn’t?

The second episode has finally come out. This time, the two are playing Best Friend Tag where they answer different questions about themselves or each other. Find out when and where they first met, a word they would use to describe each other and more.

Watch it here. You might find a new fact about Keaton you didn’t know.

Sweety High: Midnight Red Revealed Episode 2 — Watch Now!

midnight red Hope you Midnight Red fans are all ready for a new episode of Midnight Red Revealed brought to you by Sweety High & HYPE!

In this new episode titled “Miss Firestarter: Firing Up MTV Artist To Watch Tour”, we get a behind the scenes glimpse of their choreography skills, backstage readiness, Eric’s secret to applying hairspray and, of course, a snippet of Midnight Red on stage!

So, check out the newest episode of Midnight Red Revealed below and tell us your favorite part!

SEVENTEEN: What Does Fifth Harmony Carry In Their Bags? — Find Out Here!

fifth harmonySeventeen magazine brings you the second episode of Seventeen Stars which features the gorgeous fearsome fivesome known as Fifth Harmony.

In this new episode, Seventeen asks the question “What’s in your bag?” The question is answered as each of the girls go through their personal belongings to share with you. You’ll notice everyday common use objects along with things you didn’t know they would carry at all.

So, check out the video below to see what’s important in their bags! What do you have in your own bags?

Before You Exit: The Dangerous Tour Series Episode 2 — Watch Now

before you exitWhat all you Before You Exit fans have been pining for has come! The Dangerous Tour Series episode 2 has made it’s way out!

This episode gives you a glimpse in the daily lives of the trio as they are on tour. In the beginning you’ll check them out as they play an awesome round of paintball and rehearse. Catch them skateboarding along with doing meet and greets!

Check out the awesome episode below and tell us what you think!

Austin Mahone: #TourLife Episode 2 — Watch Now

Austin Mahone Teen VogueWow! All you Mahomies out there must be extremely excited! Austin Mahone’s new episode of #TourLife is out for you to watch! It seemed so long ago since the first episode appeared, right?

In this new episode of #TourLife, Austin speaks out about his opening acts that included Alex Angelo, Midnight Red, W3 The Future and Becky G. You’ll also get to know his favorite song to perform on stage and performs an acoustic surprise for fans.

So, check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Fifth Harmony’s ‘Tour Diaries’ Episodes 1 & 2 — See Videos Here

Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony is one of the music artists currently on the Neon Lights Tour with Demi Lovato. They work as an opening act for the singer with Cher Lloyd and Little Mix. They began the North American part of the tour on February 9th, the last show planned for March 30th. The fearsome fivesome, with Clean & Clear and VEVO, bring you their own Neon Lights Tour Diaries which take you through tour preparation.

In the first episode of Tour Diaries, the group takes you through the fun of choreography, preparation for the Neon Lights Tour and speaks about how important good health is, skin care included. The second episode shows you how they make their tour intro video, the video which plays before they take the stage.

So, check out episodes 1 and 2 of the videos below and enjoy!



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