Breaking News: Lucy Hale Cancels Appearance Due To Emergency!!


Lucy Hale was scheduled to appear and perform tonight, Dec 14th, in Fresno at the Acoustic Country Christmas. She has taken to her Twitter just now to say that an emergency has come up and she will not be able to make the show.

“Due to a personal emergency, I can’t make the show tonight. I hate letting y’all down. I love you & thanks for understanding.”

Lucy never went into any details about what the emergency was about. We sure hope that everything will be OK for her. If any more details emerge then we will let our readers know.

One Direction Fans Hurt During Packed Concert


Nearly 50 fans were treated for asphyxia at a packed One Direction concert in Peru recently. The venue’s capacity was 40,000 at the Estadio Nacional stadium in Lima. Tents were used to treat victims of the emergency. The chief of police said that when the doors opened there was a rush of fans trying to get front row. The band even asked the crowd to please stop pushing towards the front or they would have to walk ofstage.

A video taken inside the stadium shows singer Niall Horan telling fans: “If you don’t want anyone to take us off the stage, make sure you stay back.” Liam Payne added: “Or we’ll have to go – and we don’t want to go.”

Fans had to be evacuated near the stage and balcony area. The victims ranged in age from 12 to 15. No-one was seriously hurt and safety measures were immediately put in place.

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