Emblem3 Shares Fireside Story Memories!

emblem3With the Fireside Story Sessions Tour finally over, the guys are a bit bummed. They’ve truly enjoyed experiencing the closeness with their fans and hope their Emblems loved it as well.

To commemorate the tour, the guys shared some of their fond memories in the form of photos on their website! So, click here to check out their sweet message to you and find the nice gallery of summer joy!

Happy Birthday, Keaton Stromberg!

keaton strombergYes, Emblems, Keaton Stromberg has grown up so fast! The younger brother of the duo, Emblem3, is celebrating his 18th birthday today, July 16th! He asks his Emblems on Instagram with the pic from above, “Do I look 18 yet?” Yes, you do, Keaton, you’re all grown up now!

Happy Birthday, Keaton, from all of us here at TeenInfoNet! We hope you have a day filled with fun, joy and lots of presents!

You can head to Keaton’s Twitter to send him birthday wishes, too! Do you share a birthday with Keaton?

Emblem3: Fireside Story Session Show Update For San Francisco

emblem3Emblem3 just recently updated news on their website concerning a Fireside Story Sessions show in San Francisco on August 5th.

Don’t worry, Emblems. It’s nothing bad. The August 5th session will be taking place at the Verdi Club located at 2424 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. You can also check out more info about the Verdi Club at VerdiClub.net. According to Emblem3, all tickets purchased for the show will be honored.

For more information on this change, head to Emblem3.com. To see if any tickets are available for your area, you can head here.

Emblem3: Drew Chadwick’s Surprise Song — Watch Now!

emblem3Drew Chadwick (middle photo) of Emblem3’s been working hard on a new song he’s been writing, the name unknown. This Emblem cutie gives a workout to the vocals he was gifted with, giving us a first listen at this new song. He says on Instagram:

“Layin down some scratch vocals for new song of mine. (Not telling the name of it yet) but very confident that it’ll be a game changer. Cant wait to share this music/message! I have so many great things comin at ya!! Stay tuned!”

Check out the Instagram video snippet below and let us know what you think!

Emblem3: #E3TV Episode 15 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the newest episode of #E3TV, Keaton and Wesley are put to the test as they answer questions about their group member, Drew Chadwick. What’ s Drew’s middle name? What is Drew’s biggest pet peeve? How often does Drew shower?

Watch them as they answer these questions and more in episode 15, “Do You Know Drew?”. See if you can answer the questions, too and let us know how well you did!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 8 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the latest episode of #bandlife, we follow the guys as they tour through Kansas City, Anaheim and Nashville. The episode features a great glimpse of before their show in Kansas City followed by the amazing concert. Then they head out to Nashville where they roll out in the skate park with an Emblem3 contest winner as Drew decides to monkey around in the trees. In Anaheim, watch as they shred dirt on their dirt bikes!

This is an awesome episode you don’t want to miss seeing and we know you Emblems wouldn’t want to! So, check it all out below and tell us your favorite part!

Mini Sneak Peek Of Emblem3’s New Track — Watch Now!

emblem3We know all you Emblems have been yearning for new music from Emblem3. The guys must have heard as they shared on Instagram a video of them hilariously dancing to one of their new tracks.

Check out this mini sneak peek video below and get ready to laugh!

Check Out Emblem3 On The Way To The IHeart Radio Music Awards — Watch Now!

emblem3Tonight (May 1st) is the iHeart Radio Music Awards, and, of course, Emblem3 was invited to join in. The trio took a quick selfie of themselves before heading off. Don’t they look so handsome in the pic above?

On the way there, they Keaton Stromberg decided to have a bit of fun and posted a short, but fun video of their excitement while riding in the car on the way to the awards. Not to mention, Wesley, Keaton’s brother, gives us his own Instagram video from their point of view at the awards show itself!

Check out both videos below!


Drew Chadwick Shows Off Sculpted Upper Body With A Selfie — See The Pic!

drew chadwickWARNING! WARNING! Try not to drool all over the keyboard, Emblems!

Drew Chadwick, of Emblem3, shares a new photo of himself yesterday (April 28th) on Instagram, giving us a glimpse into the future of the Muscle & Fitness magazine. He says he’s been training himself for the mag, having already added five pounds with ten more to go. There’s no doubt he has a wonderfully sculpted upper body thanks to the training and we can’t wait to see how he looks when it is complete!

By the way, is anybody even reading this?

Catch The Latest Episode Of #E3TV From Emblem3 — Watch Now!

wesley stromberg emblem3In the new episode of #E3Tv from Emblem3, you get a chance to catch up with Wesley Stromberg once more as a continuation from his previous episode.

Wesley gives a bit of insight into his life and feelings about listening to his own music, how the three of them work out on writing music and so much more!

So, check out the newest episode, “Wesley Unplugged, Part 2” below!

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