Tyler Posey Dunked On ‘The Ellen Show’ For Breast Cancer Awareness — Watch Now!

tylerTeen Wolf hottie Tyler Posey appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday, October 13th, along with singer P!nk. Since the beginning of October, Ellen DeGeneres has worked with many celebs helping to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. To raise it all, Ellen had a dunking booth set up so P!nk could throw these pretty pink balls to dunk him which in turn Ulta Beauty will donate $10,000 to research.

For Tyler, this is of great importance on a personal level. An aunt he was close to died a couple years before of breast cancer while his own mother is currently fighting her own battle with a different kind of cancer.

Check out this great video of a shirtless, yes shirtless, Tyler Posey getting dunked for $10,000 below!


Rixton Performs Single “Me And My Broken Heart” On Ellen Show — Watch Now!

rixtonIf you were tuned into The Ellen Show today, you would recall seeing the quartet boy group known as Rixton performing. Rixton did a fantastic performance of their single, “Me and My Broken Heart”. On the off chance you were unable to see them, no worries. A video of their performance has been shared for all your Rixton needs!

So, relax and check out the awesomeness of Rixton below!

Jake Miller Shows Off ‘Ellen’ Gifts With Sexy Bathroom Selfie

jake millerAfter his fun VIP tour at Warner Bros. Studios yesterday, he received some great gifts. A couple of the awesome presents just happen to be some Ellen gear! And oh how he wears them well! Check out his sweet Ellen t-shirt that is lifted enough to give us a nice, partial glimpse of his sculpted abs and, yes he has then, Ellen underwear, or is it boxers? Either way, we’re digging the gifts! Though, you probably haven’t read all the way to this point, huh?

Katy Perry And John Mayer Together On The Ellen Show @katyperry

Katy PerryKaty Perry appeared on The Ellen Show to chat with Ellen DeGeneres. While chatting, Ellen mentioned how nice it would have been for John Mayer to be there with the two of them in which Katy agreed. Suddenly, the audience as well as Katy were surprised when boyfriend, John, came out on stage to sit down next to Katy. The three of them all seemed to have had a great time and were laughing and cracking jokes the entire time. Check them out by watching the video below!

Lea Michele Opens Up About Cory Monteith On The Ellen Show @msleamichele

Lea MicheleGlee star Lea Michele appeared on the beautifully holiday decorated set of The Ellen Show. During the show, Lea opened up a little to Ellen about Cory Monteith and how she dealt and is dealing with her boyfriend and co-star’s tragic death. Although she still may be heartbroken, Lea is moving forward to better herself – she even has her first debut album and single on the way. Her single “Cannonball” comes from the album “Louder.” Check out the video below and see what Lea had to say about Cory!

Ellen Discusses Safety On Set Of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball Video

Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball"Always being funny, Ellen discussed Miley Cyrus’ music video for Wrecking Ball. Ellen was not concerned about her nudity but her safety saying that she should have been wearing a hard hat while filming it. Watch the video below as it is hilarious.

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