Alli Simpson Gets Covered In Egg Yolk While Playing Egg Trivia With Hunter March – Watch Here!


In an all new video of Alli Simpson, things sure get messy as she plays a trivia game with AwesomenessTV host Hunter March. In the video, the two play a game of trivia…with eggs! When one gets a question wrong, they get an egg cracked over their head.

By the end of the video, both Hunter and Alli get completely covered in eggs as they failed to answer some questions correctly. Some of the questions that were asked include history questions about their home countries.

Watch Alli and Hunter play Egg Trivia by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Alli Simpson Filmed Something New Today!

Alli Simpson has been working with AwesomenessTV for quite some time now doing all sorts of different videos. Today, July 20th, Alli and AwesomenessTV host Hunter March filmed an all new video.

Above you can view a photo from there video, we are unsure as to what kind of video they filmed but to us it appears eggs were involved. Alli said the video was “interesting.”

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