Jake Miller: Great End To A Warner Bros. Tour

jake miller joey gandolfo edgar estevesThe VIP tour of the Warner Bros. Studio came to an end, but Jake Miller and his friends got a great deal out of it. Jake, Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves pose for a trio selfie showing off some new gifts given to them by Warner Bros.. Jake tweets:

Look at that! You got yourselves some souvenirs! They look great on you guys!

Jake Miller’s Late Night Jacuzzi Session With Madison — See Pic Here

jake miller madison bertiniThere’s nothing like relaxing in a jacuzzi late at night, especially in California. Singer Jake Miller seemed to enjoy it, taking a sweet eye-candy picture with girlfriend, Madison Bertini, steam effect included. Must have been a little party as Jake mentions Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves as well. Hope you guys had a great night!

Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo’s Late Night Jam Session — Check Out Video Inside

Jake MillerJake Miller has many sides to his person, including being suave or serious. But, sure enough, the singer also has quite the silly side, becoming even sillier when around friends.

Late last night (March 4th), Jake and his guitarist Joey Gandolfo made sure their hilarity was recorded for all to see, though it becomes even funnier when the camera is supposedly “kidnapped” by them after their director, Edgar Esteves, leaves them in the house. The singer says for the Instagram video:

“This is what happens when @edgaresteves leaves the house and me and @thisisjoeyg kidnap his camera lol late night jam sesh… The actual video is about 30 mins long.”

You can actually catch a small portion of the video below! Leave a comment to let us know what you think of it!

Jake Miller: Studio Hangout @jakemiller

9ea54ba4914611e392aa125441224967_8Jake Miller’s spending a lot of time in the studio working on new music and hanging out with some good buds. He says, “In the studio with @thefliptones and @jeremythurber! And @thisisjoeyg @edgaresteves and @madisonbertini of course”. Looks like he’s having some fun in the studio like usual.

Jake Miller’s L.A. Hike -Pic Inside- @jakemiller

8b631db685ff11e38cc01267c9f280f9_8Sometimes you need to go outside and breathe in that fresh air when you’ve been cooped inside for too long. Have ideas on what to do once you head out into the grand outdoors? Jake Miller and his girlfriend Madison Bertini had a great idea and went for a hike yesterday in Los Angeles, overseeing the beautiful city and enjoying themselves. Their friend Edgar Esteves also joined them on the hike, most likely the one who took these two great pics of Madison and Jake together. During their hike, Jake also mentioned some fans around the area as well.

Such a lovely couple they are, right? And a great view of L.A. was captured in the process. Do you enjoy hiking? Give us details on your favorite hike!

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