Ed Sheeran Live And In Session With Spotify! — Link Here!

It’s no secret that Ed Sheeran is remarkably talented.  His lyrics are able to touch each and every one of us and his voice may as well be that of an angel.

An angel with red hair and a lot of tattoos at least.

Well, Ed and Spotify joined up to give us an amazing Live and In Session playlist of so many of Ed’s songs!

Click the link and take a listen!  I’ve already saved the playlist to my Spotify account!


Have You Listened to Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me” Yet?

Jessie Ware

With Jessie Ware’s album Tough Love coming out October 6th (October 21st in North America), she has decided to release a single “Say You Love Me”, which Ed Sheeran helped her write, both of which can be pre-ordered online. “Say You Love Me” will be included in the album.

Jessie released the audio for the song on YouTube which can be found below. Stay updated with us in case she drops the music video for it soon!

Ed Sheeran Releases Music Video For “Don’t”–Watch Here!!!

Ed Sheeran

Released June 20th of this year on iTunes, Ed Sheeran has gotten a lot of popularity from his second studio album “X”. The album features 16 songs of which 3 so far have music videos. Of course Ed Sheeran can thank for his song “All Of The Stars” being part of the “The Fault In Our Stars” soundtrack which helped him get a bigger following.

Several hours ago, Ed released his newest music video for his song “Don’t”. The music video can be found below so make sure to watch it!

Ed Sheeran Talks About The Time He Almost Gave Up

“About two weeks before it really started going well, I had big doubts. Just because things were going well, but I still didn’t have money in my pocket or a place to stay, or like a charged phone. So yeah, I definitely reassessed the situation quite a bit at times.” Ed said, giving us all a reason to never give up on our dreams.

Where would all of us be if Ed had given up just before he was about to make it?  Ed often talks of the times he used to sleep on friends’ houses (how he met Harry Styles actually!), and could barely afford food.  Thankfully, Ed never gave up but continued pursuing his passion despite the critics and the hard conditions the young singer was in.

Ed just released his second album, Multiply, today June 23.  You can get it now on iTunes!

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