Jillian Rose Reed ‘Kickstarts’ The Breaking The Chains Project

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Jillian Rose Reed is participating in. She is a producer on the Breaking the Chains project, a campaign that aims to change the face of eating disorders. They launched a Kickstarter campaign on Friday, May 16th. 

“I think it’s no secret that everyone is effected one way or the other by this disease that we want to shed light on”, said Jillian Rose Reed (MTV’s Awkward), on the freshly launched kickstarter campaign video for the song “My Worst Enemy” (performed by Reed), whose goal it is to help crowd-finance a music video to a song about the inner emotional turmoil of having an eating disorder.

Reed, together with a group of Hollywood Entertainment professionals, including creator/writer/ producer/director Debra Hopkins, producer/director Anabelle Munro, and Jillian Rose Reed’s fellow Hollywood celebrity colleagues, Erin Sanders and August Emerson, will star with her in the video.  All have joined forces to help give this cause a brand new voice. The community they want to build carries the powerful name “Breaking The Chains” and this is exactly what the group wants to do.  The campaign that Hopkins founded is a new, art forum and educational based community that wants to demystify the many misconceptions of eating disorders.

Founded and created in 2012 by Debra Hopkins, “Breaking The Chains” is offering a “community” that leaps up to the sky and shouts “I Want To Change The Face of Eating Disorders!”   A worldwide campaign called, “Breaking The Chains!  Hopkins explains it as “A place where people can go to express themselves from the inside out where it really all lives and breathes.  Identify the struggle from where it begins and recognize it in ways that have been kept silent for far to long.  Help those who love people struggling understand, this isn’t just about the food and what it looks like.  We need to understand what it feels like and allow healing to really happen!”

You can learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/800934521/my-worst-enemy

Did Ke$ha Almost Die? @keshasuxx

keshaKe$ha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, revealed that her daughter almost died from her eating disorder.

She stated that she, “watched my beautiful, self-confident, brilliant daughter be berated and ridiculed for her looks and weight to the point that she almost died.”

“The doctors told me her blood pressure and sodium levels were so low, they’d never seen it that low except with someone who’d had a heart attack or stroke. They said it was a miracle she hadn’t already dropped dead on stage,” she continued.

Her mother also checked herself in for post-traumatic stress disorder at her daughter’s request.

Do you think this will stop the critics?


Demi Lovato Tells Why She Opened Up In Access Hollywood Interview

Demi Lovato + Her Mother On 'Access Hollywood'Demi Lovato just recently did another interview where she discusses about why she opened up like she did to Access Hollywood for their interview with her. Find out what her motivations were to be so candid in the interview. She also gives some deets about her second book she is working on as well. Check that out below

Watch Part 2 Of Demi Lovato’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tell-All: Cutting + The Threat That Sent Her To Rehab

Demi Lovato + Her Mother On 'Access Hollywood'

On Tuesday (December 10th), Access Hollywood aired the first part of Kit Hoover’s exclusive sit down interview with Demi Lovato and her mom, Dianna Hart De La Garza, in which the pair revealed some shocking realities about the extent and severity of Demi’s eating disorders and substance abuse issues in the past. Dianna also opened up about her own battles with an eating disorder and depression, and the shared road to recovery the two are on now.

In the second half of the interview, aired Wednesday (Dec. 11th), Demi spoke of what she called the most “taboo” of her problems, by society’s standards: cutting and self-harm. She and Dianna also revealed the emotional details of the intervention that finally got Demi to agree to treatment and it happened to involve a very real threat that Demi understood all too well: get better or she wouldn’t be allowed to see her younger sister Madison any more.

Watch the mother-daughter duo speak about all that and more in part 1 and part 2 of the second half of this exclusive interview on accesshollywood.com

Watch Now: Demi Lovato + Mom Open Up To ‘Access Hollywood’ With Shocking New Details About Their Personal Struggles

Demi Lovato + Her Mother On 'Access Hollywood'

Demi Lovato and her mom Dianna Hart De La Garza sat down with Access Hollywood‘s Kit Hoover yesterday afternoon (December 9th) for a candid chat about the struggles they have endured and the path they have taken to recovery — not only did Demi open up with surprising new details about the severity of her eating disorder and substance abuse (which got to the point where she would “smuggle” cocaine onto airplanes because she couldn’t go even a half an hour without it, and drinking until she was sick at only 9am in the morning), but the pair also shared Dianna’s own similar struggles with food and depression, which she sought help for after Demi left rehab herself.

The pair seems to have a stronger bond than ever now as they work each day to live healthier lives together. Demi posted a pair of messages about their brave confessions and the unsung heroes in her recovery to her Twitter account:

I’m so proud of my momma @DiannaDeLaGarza for being open and honest about her struggles and how she overcame them… I told you she was my hero. 💗 There aren’t many parents speaking out about how they got through a time when their child was spiraling out of control and how she was able to set an example for parents everywhere by dealing with issues of her own and what she went through… I love you mom and I’m so proud of you…

I’ve been through hell and back, but my story isn’t over yet… I can’t wait to talk about the people who have never taken ANY credit for being a huge part of saving my life, and why I’m alive today…

You can watch part one and part two of their interview on accesshollywood.com now!

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