Emblem3: #E3TV Episode 15 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the newest episode of #E3TV, Keaton and Wesley are put to the test as they answer questions about their group member, Drew Chadwick. What’ s Drew’s middle name? What is Drew’s biggest pet peeve? How often does Drew shower?

Watch them as they answer these questions and more in episode 15, “Do You Know Drew?”. See if you can answer the questions, too and let us know how well you did!

Catch The Latest Episode Of #E3TV From Emblem3 — Watch Now!

wesley stromberg emblem3In the new episode of #E3Tv from Emblem3, you get a chance to catch up with Wesley Stromberg once more as a continuation from his previous episode.

Wesley gives a bit of insight into his life and feelings about listening to his own music, how the three of them work out on writing music and so much more!

So, check out the newest episode, “Wesley Unplugged, Part 2” below!

Emblem3: Episode 13 Of #E3TV — Watch Now

wesley stromberg emblem3At last, Emblems, you can breathe as a new episode #E3TV has come! In episode 13, “Skate Night with Wes and Mitch”, Wesley and his friend Mitch are on a roll as they release their inner pros while at Volcom Skate Park in Costa Mesa, California. These two are skateboarding fanatics are happy to show you what they can do! So, check out the newest episode below and let us know what you think!

Even better, tell us about your own skateboard experiences! We’d love to hear those stories! Tell us how you roll!

Emblem3: Episode 12 Of #E3TV — See Video Here

Emblem 3Emblem3 has just released the newest episode of #E3TV, Emblems. In this latest episode, you’ll get to check out the last night of #bandlife as Emblem3 is onstage with Teenage Kings at Club Nokia. Check out episode 12 below and let us know what you think!

Emblem3: Episode 11 Of #E3TV — See Video Here

Emblem 3You’ve seen the first part interviews for Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick. Now, Emblems, it’s about that time you’re able to get down and personal with the last member of Emblem3, Keaton Stromberg.

Keaton’s in the hot seat of episode 11 of #E3TV titled “Keaton Unplugged, Part 1” and, for Keaton, as he says on Twitter, “This interview means a lot to me.” So, Emblems, sit back, relax and check out the video of Keaton’s interview below!

Emblem3: Episode 10 Of #E3TV — Check Out The Video

Emblem 3After a bit of waiting, a new episode has finally arrived for you Emblems! On this new episode of #E3TV, you are able to catch up with Emblem3 member Drew Chadwick as he is interviewed in his Venice Man Cave. So catch up on the band member in the video below titled “Drew Unplugged, Part 1”!

Emblem3: Episode 9 Of #E3TV — Watch Video Inside @EmblemThree

Emblem 3Episode 9 for #E3TV is here at last! This time #E3TV gives you an in-depth scoop in the lives of the trio. Coming in at episode 9 is “Wesley Unplugged, Part 1”. The episode will give you deep coverage of Wesley Stromberg, with a second part coming soon. So, check out part 1 of his interview below! Enjoy and, remember, head to the video’s site to leave your feedback!

Emblem3: Premiere of #bandlife Episode 1 Announced For Tomorrow

Emblem 3You’ve been enjoying their #E3TV mini episodes peeking into their lives. Now, get ready for your sneak peek in the #bandlife tour! Yes, you heard us right! Emblem3 has began making tour videos for their fans to get a glimpse into their lives of the recent occurring tour! Cool, huh? They have announced episode 1 of #bandlife will premiere tomorrow, Sunday February 23rd! Are you as excited as we are?

Emblem3: Episode 8 Of #E3TV — Watch Video Inside

Emblem 3Episode 8 of #E3TV titled, “Word Association with Drew” has come out! This time you get to watch Drew Chadwick, a member of Emblem3, play a word association game! Check out the episode below! Let us know what you think and, remember, send some love to the group on the video’s site!

Emblem3: Episode 7 Of #E3TV — Watch Video Inside

Emblem 3The next episode all you fans have been waiting for, episode 7 of #E3TV, has emerged pretty quickly after the previous episode. In this new episode, you learn “Keaton’s Top Threes”. You want to know what they are, right? Well, check out the video below! Tell us about your three favorite things in the comments below! Remember, give some love to Emblem3’s video by heading to the video’s site!

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