Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Secret At 10 Year Anniversary Of Movie

thirteen-1-600x50In 2004, the film “Thirteen” launched the movie careers of then unknown Nikki Reed and television star Evan Rachel Wood. The story of the film was based on Nikki Reed’s real life experiences as a teenager. It covered topics like teen drug use, self harm infliction, and sexual exploration.

January marks the 10 year anniversary of the film and to celebrate, the stars held a Q&A session online where they answered questions posted on twitter. During the session, Wood admits to having a crush on her costar stating, “I did have a crush on Nikki. I don’t think I realized at the time that it was like a full blown crush but I definitely remember having feelings and thinking she was beautiful…I thought you were so gorgeous and fun and there was something about you. The relationships you have with girls when you’re a teenager-there’s a part of you that wants to be them, there’s a part of you that kind of hates them, and there’s a part of you that’s kind of in love with them.”

Reed also admitted to having her own girl crush on Evan Rachel Wood noting that their onscreen makeout session was one of the first times she kissed someone. For more on the Q&A session, hit the play button below.

Justin Bieber Dodges A Bullet. New Details On Police Search Warrant.

Justin-Bieber-And-Selena-Gomez-Past-InstagramNew information has surfaced concerning the recent police search of Justin Bieber’s home. According to a report, police did find weed and other drug paraphernalia at his residence but they did not confiscate any of that.

The search warrant, according to the report, limited the scope of what police could search for and that was for video surveillance footage or other evidence concerning the egging incident that Justin is being investigated for.  So the police could not confiscate Justin’s alleged drug stash or charge him concerning it.

So it may be that Justin dodged a bullet with this one if the report about the drugs can be believed.

In other news concerning the search warrant, Justin Bieber did have his cell phone confiscated as part of the investigation and reports are saying that he is concerned about nude photos of himself being leaked from the phone.

What are your thoughts about this mess that Bieber finds himself in?

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