Emblem3 Shares A Sad Announcement — Find Out Here

emblem3Today, Emblem3 shared some sad news about their group member, Drew Chadwick. It seems Drew (right) has decided to separate himself from the trio to pursue his own dreams of a solo career. Therefore, the young artist will not be joining the crew on the Fireside Story Sessions tour this summer.

We’re sure it’s quite upsetting to many of you Emblems out there, but know that you can still follow Drew’s career path. The guys sent out a message for all the fans, explaining everything they could about Drew, what kind of future is there for Emblem3 and more. You can read Emblem3’s letter to all of you Emblems right here.

Drew, we wish you nothing but the best and can’t wait to see what great things lie ahead in your solo career!

Emblem3: Drew Chadwick’s Surprise Song — Watch Now!

emblem3Drew Chadwick (middle photo) of Emblem3’s been working hard on a new song he’s been writing, the name unknown. This Emblem cutie gives a workout to the vocals he was gifted with, giving us a first listen at this new song. He says on Instagram:

“Layin down some scratch vocals for new song of mine. (Not telling the name of it yet) but very confident that it’ll be a game changer. Cant wait to share this music/message! I have so many great things comin at ya!! Stay tuned!”

Check out the Instagram video snippet below and let us know what you think!

Emblem3 Presents Their Fireside Story Sessions Summer Tour!

emblem3This summer, Emblem3 has a treat for all their loving Emblems out there! This trio couldn’t go an entire summer without seeing everybody again, so they are presenting their Fireside Story Sessions Tour, a personal and intimate tour across the states and Canada!

During the summer, instead of playing big venues, they’ll be huddled with Emblems around a campfire performing. The entire experience begins on June 23rd!

To get more tour information, just head here and click on the city you want to purchase your tickets starting on June 9th!


What Special Announcement Does Emblem3 Have To Tell Us?

emblem3When Emblem3 shared the finale of their #bandlife Tour series on Twitter, they said  “It’s not the end…because we have a special announcement coming soon”. Whatever their announcement is, it will be announced some time next week.

What could it possibly be? New music? Another tour, perhaps? We have no idea, but keep checking back with us when we find out!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Finale — Watch Now!

emblem3You’ve enjoyed every single episode of #bandlife from Emblem3, but the series finale has finally come. The #bandlife tour series they’ve been sharing with everyone ends at nine episodes.

The newest episode of #bandlife shows the guys on the Fox 10 morning performing “Sunset Blvd” with a private skate session at Ryan Sheckers afterward. Then we follow them to the Nokia Center back home in Los Angeles as they perform their final #bandlife concert and more.

So, sit back and enjoy the finale from Emblem3 below. Happy viewing!



Emblem3’s Rocking It Out For Fun — Watch Now

emblem3Ever since the #bandlife Tour ended for Emblem3, they’ve been missing being onstage in front of all their Emblems. No frets, though. The guys will be performing at the BLI Summer Jam on June 1st. In the meantime, they decided to have a bit of fun just playing around.

Check out the short Instagram clip Wesley Stromberg shared of them rocking out while playing, what we believe, is “Girl Next Door”.

View this post on Instagram

Can't wait to fuxkin rock out at our next show!!!!

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Emblem3’s Working Hard On New Music!

emblem3They’ve been working hard on new music for awhile now, Emblem3 making sure all the Emblems out there get a taste of what’s to come. Wesley Stromberg shared this photo of his brother Keaton and fellow member Drew Chadwick at the studio hard at work. Wes says on his Instagram:

“Making music is my life!!! I am the happiest person in the world when I am in the studio with my bros!! I can’t wait to show you the new stuff we’ve been writing!! I love it and I hope you will too!! From baby Keats, @drewchadwickmusic and me 😊”

We can’t wait to hear more of what they have in store for the music industry!

Emblem3: #E3TV Episode 15 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the newest episode of #E3TV, Keaton and Wesley are put to the test as they answer questions about their group member, Drew Chadwick. What’ s Drew’s middle name? What is Drew’s biggest pet peeve? How often does Drew shower?

Watch them as they answer these questions and more in episode 15, “Do You Know Drew?”. See if you can answer the questions, too and let us know how well you did!

Emblem3: New Sneak Peek Of New Music — Watch Now!

emblem3Just yesterday Emblem3 gave us a mini sneak peek of one of their new tracks accompanied by silly dances. Now, Wesley Stromberg of Emblem3 is happily giving us another peek on Instagram as they spend the day making new tracks.

So, check out the new sneak peek below and let us know what you think!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 8 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the latest episode of #bandlife, we follow the guys as they tour through Kansas City, Anaheim and Nashville. The episode features a great glimpse of before their show in Kansas City followed by the amazing concert. Then they head out to Nashville where they roll out in the skate park with an Emblem3 contest winner as Drew decides to monkey around in the trees. In Anaheim, watch as they shred dirt on their dirt bikes!

This is an awesome episode you don’t want to miss seeing and we know you Emblems wouldn’t want to! So, check it all out below and tell us your favorite part!

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