YouTube Star, Hayes Grier, Sets New Record On DreamWorksTV “RecordSetter Kids”!

hayesHave you ever wanted to beat a world record? Or do you just enjoy watching everybody else take up the challenge? How about those crazy challenges that never even existed before? Then DreamWorksTV has the web series for you!

A very funtastic and playful web series, “RecordSetter Kids” is a series where kids take a chance to set records never before attempted by anyone else in the world! It makes breaking world records a possibility for all kids! And these records have pulled famous YouTube and Vine star, Hayes Grier into the fold!

Recently, he took up a Carrot Challenge (seen in pic above) along with a Cutie Pie Challenge and an Afro Circus Challenge! Many of these challenges have silly names, but they are extremely fun to do and try!

You can check out “RecordSetter Kids” right HERE on DreamWorksTV’s YouTube! What challenge would you be willing to try?

DreamWorksTV Presents ‘Life Hacks For Everyday Troubles’ For Kids!

lifehacksThere’s always going to be something you need or want to be simple. Need louder smart phone speakers? A secret place to stash some cash? How about some fun games for a rainy day? That’s what kids, and you, can learn from Life Hacks for Kids, presented by DreamWorksTV! Follow life hack expert Sunny as she shares some fun, and very simple, ways to make life, well, easier!

You can learn so much from Sunny such as using foil and a pencil to make a stylus, turning chapstick into a stowaway for your money, find out how to use a pizza box to make a mini ping pong soccer field and a whole lot more!

Go ahead and check Life Hacks for Kids with Sunny on DreamWorksTV’s YouTube right now! You’ll be glad you did! Check out one of the life hacks for a Smarter Phone below to learn how to make your speakers louder!


VIDEO: Daniella Monet Guest Stars On DreamWorksTV’s ‘Turbo FAST’!


DreamWorksTV goes behind the scenes with celebrity Daniella Monet as she joins the cast of DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo FAST in support of one of the new episodes, “Damselfly in Distress,” streaming now on Netflix.

Daniella plays fun and sassy Princess Damselfly, who is frustrated with her mom’s efforts at trying to hand-pick a prince charming for her. DreamWorksTV host, Lauren Elizabeth, gives you an inside look and interviews Daniella as she enters the recording booth to show what it takes to play a young fly princess.

Check out Daniella’s interview below along with a fun clip as she voices Princess Damselfly!


VIDEO: Time To Go Old School With Some A-‘moose’-ing Puns From ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’!

rocky bullwinkleWe hope you’re ready for a bit old school cause “Hokey Smokes!” the “moose-ter” of puns has returned! DreamWorksTV has released a new video with a compilation of Bullwinkle’s best (or worst) puns straight from the classic cartoon, Rocky & Bullwinkle!

And what about some more retro toons? Ever seen DreamWorksTV’s release of the Skeletor’s best insults or He-Man’s best one-liners from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Catch all these fun videos below, no doubt you’ll be laughing within the first few seconds of watching! Enjoy!




VIDEO: Lorde Rocks New Invention On DreamWorksTV!


DreamWorksTV’s original short animation series “News That Doesn’t Stink,” is back with new episodes beginning today, November 14th.

Created/Written/Designed/Directed/Edited/Scored by Jimbo Matison and originally titled “Report Card,” the latest episode puts a fun spin on combining the snooze function of alarm clocks with the Grammy Award-winning artist Lorde.

Check out the short episode below! We’re sure you won’t want to hit “snooze” on this series!

And if you enjoy this series, check out more live action programming from DreamWorksTV, including UnBox it, I Pranked My Parents, or behind-the-scenes series The DreamWorks Download.

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