It’s Demi Lovato V.S 5SOS For ‘Best Lyric Video’

There have been some killer lyric videos released this year, and five of them are up to the voters! Katy Perry’s “Birthday,” Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” Austin Mahone’s “Mmm Yeah,” Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care,” and 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Don’t Stop” are all titles in the race for Best Lyric Video at this year’s VMA’s!

Currently, 5 Seconds of Summer is in the lead by a little over 35,000 votes with Demi Lovato coming in  a close second.  It is an all out battle over social media with fans tweeting for their favorites “#votedemilovato” or  “#vote5sos” and the fans are adamant about their favorite video winning!

All of these videos are absolutely awesome and we at TI simply cannot choose!

Check out all of the video’s below and tell us who you are voting for?

5SOS To Headline North American Tour In 2015! — Info Here!


Today, July 30, 5 Seconds of Summer announced that they will be taking there first headlining tour to the USA and Canada in 2015!

The ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour’ will be the boys first arena headlining tour that so far is taking them to Australia and New Zealand, the UK and Europe, and now the US and Canada!

Tickets go on sale August 9, and pre sale on August 5th for anyone that has signed up for their newsletter! You can sign up here!

Who will be buying tickets!? I know I am!

5SOS Makes Debut Performance On The TODAY Show – Watch The Video Here!


Today was the day the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer made their debut performance on the Today Show in New York City where the Aussie band performed one of their hit songs “She Looks So Perfect.” They also performed “Don’t Stop.” Today is also the day that 5SOS released their first full length self-titled album which has already soared to #1 on the iTunes charts.

Earlier today, we gave you a look at some of the pics from their performance but in case you actually missed their performance live on television, be sure to watch the video below of 5SOS performing “She Looks So Perfect” and let us know what you think by commenting!

5SOS Takes Over Morning Television On TODAY! — Photo’s Here!

Maybe the more appropriate headline would be “5SOS Takes Over New York!” because that was what it felt like as I walked the streets of Manhattan on my way to my office this morning.  All I could see, in the sea of people at nine in the morning, were teenage girls wearing 5SOS T-shirts, and the ‘punk rock’ style that it a trademark of the 5SOS Family.  If I wasn’t apart of this family of screaming fans, I might not have noticed.  But, I am and so I did.

This morning the four Aussie’s made their morning show debut on the Today Show, where they played three songs from their album: “Amnesia,” “She Looks So Perfect,” and “Don’t Stop.”

On twitter, fans were sure to live tweet pictures of their television screens, millions of teenage girls waking up before six am during their summer holidays just to watch these four boys.

Take a look at some of the pictures of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Today Show debut!


5SOS To Perform On The Today Show Tomorrow Morning!


5 Seconds of Summer are set to perform live on The Today Show tomorrow morning, July 22. But wait! That’s not all these four Aussie boys will be up to!  Tomorrow their album will FINALLY be released in America as well!

Tune in to The Today Show tomorrow morning to see the boys perform live and then head on over to Target to grab a copy of their debut album!

5SOS Talk About How They Came To Record ‘English Love Affair’


Today, July 17, 5 Seconds of Summer posted another ‘Track by Track’ video to YouTube.  In these videos, the four boys talk about how they came about writing each of the songs on their debut album.  This video is about “English Love Affair.”  Watch it below!

5SOS First Album Is Out Worldwide! (Except North America!)

Today, June 29, Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer released their very first album every where except the US, Canada and Mexico.

But hang in there North American 5SOSFam, you will be able to get your hands on “Don’t Stop” in the coming weeks! July 22 to be exact!

Italy! 5SOS Are Coming To You! — Details Here!

Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer, announced today, June 23, that they will be heading to Italy on June 27.  The boys will be in Milan doing a signing for their first album “Don’t Stop.” Find out more information here!

5SOS’s New Single ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’ Remains #1 On iTunes Charts + Album For Pre-Order!

2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

5 Seconds Of Summer recently released their single ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’ the boys still remain the #1 selling single in the US at the moment. This single is released off of there album coming out July 22nd which is available for pre-order now right here. There album features more of there hit singles such as She Looks So Perfect, Don’t Stop Good Girls. Be sure to check it out!

5 Seconds of Summer Release New Song! — Listen To It Here!!

Today, June 17, 5 Seconds of Summer released a new track from their upcoming album “Don’t Stop.”  The song titled, “Kiss Me, Kiss Me,” is in typical 5SOS fashion, combining rock and pop styles.  Listen to it here!

The song was cowritten with Alex Gaskarth of the American pop punk band, All Time Low.  The song seems to be an ode to ‘teenage memories’ and features an upbeat sound along with jam out guitar rifts!  Check out the picture below of Alex Gaskarth with Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood of 5SOS!




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