‘SCENE’ Mag Releases Outtakes From Their Interview + Shoot With Joe Jonas — Check It Out!

The April 2014 issue of New York-based magazine SCENE is already on newsstands in NYC (and available digitally for free here!), but the mag was cool enough to release some exclusive outtakes from their shoot and interview with cover star Joe Jonas today!

Joe chatted about hitting a strip club with Diplo, his future as a restauranteur, and more in the excerpts from their chat that didn’t make the article, and looked so good in these extra pics it’s hard to believe they’re outtakes. Check it all out below now:

  • He wants to record his next studio album in Jamaica: “I love Jamaica. There’s a studio down there that I’ve been eyeing at for a couple of weeks.”
  • He recently went to a strip club with twerking impresario Diplo: “Diplo. He’s awesome. He’s a new friend. I went to see him in Vegas. A fun night of him dragging me to a strip club. There wasn’t much dragging involved.” Joe laughs. “You hear the idea of going to a strip club with Diplo, that’s a dream come true. He’s the king of twerking. He put it on a pedestal. [Collaborating with him] would be a dream come true.”
  • What was it like going to a strip club with Diplo? “Going to a strip club with Diplo was…” Joe laughs. “It was fun. I think he knows his way around that place.”
  • He’s working on a couple of restaurants, one with friends in Santa Monica, and one with his father in North Carolina.
  • Kevin Jonas is going on Celebrity Apprentice. He’s really good at predicting reality show behaviors: “He’ll say, ‘Oh, they should do that.’ And then they do, and they win. It’s crazy.”

Justin Bieber’s Five New ‘Journals’ Songs Leak Prior To Midnight Release — Listen Now!

Justin Bieber, 'Journals' Cover Art

Thought you’d have to wait until midnight to hear the five new tracks on Justin Bieber’s Journals album? Think again! The new songs — which will be featured on the full-length collection along with all his previous “Music Mondays” offerings — just leaked, and you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and listen to them all right now!

Check out the Diplo-produced “Memphis” featuring Big Sean, “What’s Hatnin” featuring Future, “One Life,” “Backpack” featuring Lil Wayne, and “Swap It Out” below and be sure to buy or complete the album on iTunes upon its official release later tonight!

ETA: You can now purchase the album on iTunes here!

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