Happy Birthday To Dinah Jane Of Fifth Harmony!



We here at TeenInfoNet would like to wish a very happy birthday to Dinah Jane of the rockin’ girl group Fifth Harmony! Dinah turns 17 today!

Dinah took to Twitter last night to share her pre-birthday excitement on her last day of being 16. We hope that Dinah has a wonderful time celebrating her big day with family, friends, and of course her Fifth Harmony bandmates! πŸ™‚

Fifth Harmony Takeover: A Day In The Life Of Dinah — Watch Now!

fifthharmonyIt’s time for another episode of Fifth Harmony Takeover, brought to you by AwesomenessTV! This time we get to spend a day with Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony!

In this brand new takeover, we get a sneak peek at Dina’s awesome wardrobe with cute and fashionable outfits for press releases and the Neon Lights Tour. It’s followed by some dancing fun with Normani, bathroom vocal prep and a whole lot more!

So, check out Dinah’s day in the video below! Tell us what you would do all day with Dinah or another Fifth Harmony member!

Demi Lovato Gets Pranked By Fifth Harmony – Check It Out Here!


Demi Lovato can sure be a prankster but what happens when the prankster get pranked? Well, Fifth Harmony was able to prank Demi while on tour with Demi for her Neon Lights Tour. The ladies of Fifth Harmony were able to prank Demi with some pie and silly string. Dinah from Fifth Harmony uploaded the hilarious videos of Demi getting pranked and wrote:

“Demi? I just wanna say I love you” @ddlovato β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’πŸ’₯

You’re too cute !😏 #NEONLightsTOUR WHOOHOO! Had to end it with some pie in the face lol … Weh

Check it out by watching the videos below!

Get To Know Fifth Harmony’s Dinah With VEVO @fifthharmony @dinahjane97

Fifth HarmonyThe Fifth Harmony girls each were walking their own paths before they finally came together as one from X-Factor. Now, VEVO is letting us get to know each of them. The first one being Dinah Jane Hansen. Dinah is the youngest of all the girls. It seemed like this Fifth Harmony member enjoyed it. She tweeted:

“thank you Vevo Lift !! Much love <3”

Listen to Dinah talk about herself and her background in the video below!

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