Joe Jonas Has Lunch At King’s Road Cafe! Pics Here!


Singer Joe Jonas is seen leaving King’s Road Cafe after enjoying lunch on January 28th in West Hollywood, California. Joe, who is sporting a much shaggier look these days, is reportedly dating someone new after recently breaking up with longtime girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler.

More pics below!

Tanner Zagarino In ‘Seventeen’ Magazine?! #SEVENTEENxTanner — Details Here!!


Fashion Icon and Model, Tanner Zagarino, has just made a huge announcement! As of today, January 5th, Tanner will be in every issue of Seventeen Magazine this year starting with the February 2015 issue.

Tanner is apart of the 2015 Hot Guy Panel, which means for the whole year he will be posting dating advice. As well as sharing some dating advice he will also be sharing photos of himself. This month’s issue includes photos of Tanner with puppies.

We are so excited for Tanner and can’t wait to see the doors that open up for him this year. Be sure to pick up the February issue now! TEN more issues with Tanner to go!!





Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson dating Rixton star Jake Roche


Little Mix band member Jesy Nelson is rumoured to be dating Rixton star Jake Roche. The two singers have apparently been dating for a few weeks.

The pair went to a number of festivals over the summer together, and are now getting serious.

A source told The Sun: “It’s early days but Jesy and Jake seem smitten with each other. They’re seeing how things go. They’re both always busy with work so they know it will be hard, but both of them want to make it work. They’re very similar to each other and like a laugh so are well suited.”





Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spend The Weekend Together!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spending more and more time together as of late. This past week, the duo was spotted attending a Bible study and a movie together, and according to sources things are going very well! So well in fact that Justin and Selena spent the weekend together.

Check out this video of Justin rocking some dance moves… can you catch Selena laughing in the background towards the end? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. Is “Jelena” back together?!

Find Out Miley Cyrus’ Dating Rules Here!!

Ever dreamed about going on a date with Miley Cyrus? Well, get ready to be put to the test! Miley recently told Heat magazine her dating rules. Think you have what it takes to date miss Cyrus? Well check out her rules before and see if you would make the cut!

NUMBER 1: You’ll have to sign a confidentiality agreement in which you can not talk about the relationship and definitely not about any breakup.
NUMBER 2: You must first speak to her assistant in order to arrange what you’ll wear on the date, what to do, and what you can talk about, and definitely no gifts or flowers.
NUMBER 3: No getting too touchy feely or stand within two feet of her.
NUMBER 4: Please leave your phone, camera and any filming devices behind before the date.
NUMBER 5: You must be submitted through a background and criminal record check beforehand.
NUMBER 6: You must “be a drop-dead model-worthy, six-pack-owning hunk”

Ok, ok, we’re pretty sure that Miley is just joking with us all! But, do you think those rules are too much? Weigh in with your thoughts on Miley’s list in the comment box below!

Chloe Moretz Kick’s Ass On The Cover Of Flare Magazine – CHECK IT OUT!


Kick Ass star Chloe Moretz is the cover girl for the September issue of Flare Magazine. The 17 year old posed for some fierce pictures for the Canadian based fashion publication and dished on a some juicy topics. She reveals her philosophies about love and dating as a teenager, the difficulties of acting, and of course fashion! Chloe commented, ‘It’s a tough age to fall in love: people change so quickly.’

Check out Chloe’s fabulous photospread in Flare Magazine below: 

Zendaya & Spencer Boldman Out To Lunch! — Photos Here!

: Zendaya and Spencer Boldman grab lunch at Fratelli Cafe on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles

Zendaya & Spencer were both spotted going out to lunch yesterday June 27th! They grabbed something to eat at Fratelli Cafe on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Photos of the two right here! 

Cody Simpson Tells MTV What He Looks For In A Girl!



Ladies, keep your ears open! Cody Simpson chatted with MTV today about what he looks for in a girl. Cody and his girlfriend recently broke up but his heart does want to find love again.

Cody says, “I’m a big fan when a girl is smarter than you, that’s why I’ve been with older girls, ’cause I like intelligence.”

Cody also never turns to pickup lines to impress the ladies saying, “I have never really used a pick-up line, an intelligent way to use pick-up lines is don’t use pick-up lines. The best way is through handling a situation with confidence — hint at a girl but not be too forward.”

Sounds like good advice! Do you daydream of a date with Cody?


Jennette McCurdy Shares Her Three Dating Tips With ‘Seventeen’ Magazine!


When we first heard that Jennette McCurdy will be guest writing for Seventeen Magazine every so often, we were super excited to see the different things the star would write about. Plus, we would even get to know Jennette a little more. In her latest blog for the magazine, Jennette gives some tips on dating and what she does to get ready. Here are the three tips she shared:

“1. I have three different date outfits prepped and ready to go, fresh in my closet at all times. I have an amusement park/active date look, a cute dinner/movie look, and a dress with heels for a nicer dinner/event look. This way, I always know I’m prepared.

2. Secondly, I have a standard makeup routine that I do for dates. I don’t try any fancy tricks, because dates are not the time for that—unless you have the hands of a wizard, mistakes are bound to happen! It’s better to stick with something classic. For me, I apply Dior foundation, a little Clinique concealer, Gleam bronzer to my cheekbones, Inglot lip gloss, the tiniest stroke of Lorac eyeliner, and two coats of Benefit mascara. Super simple and I can do it in seven minutes—doesn’t get better than that!

3. I implement the same rule for hair as I do for makeup: don’t try anything crazy/keep it simple. I know that washing my hair the day-of works really well for me, because if I sleep on my hair, it needs a lot of taming in order for me to look less like a cavewoman. So on the morning of the date, I wash my hair, apply some leave-in product, blow dry, and then run a straightener through it. Nothing crazy, but I’m 100% comfortable and feel good about myself. “

Jennette goes even more into depth on her dating tips at Check out what else she had to say by clicking here!

Was Ariana Grande Acting Different While Dating Jai Brooks? @ArianaGrande


In an interview with Teen Vogue, Ariana Granda spoke about a man she had a sour relationship with. “I was dating a boy who made me a different person,” Ariana says. “And my family was like, ‘You’ve lost your light, you are constantly distracted.’ If I waited too long to text him back, it was the end of the world. And it was just a very unhealthy relationship.” Who could she be speaking of?

Well, she spoke highly of Nathan Sykes, her ex-boyfriend, so he could be ruled out. The other possibility could be Jai Brooks. Their relationship went downhill as there was too much drama. Because of their break-up, Luke Brooks, Jai’s twin brother, began a virtual fight on Twitter last September. He tweeted about Nathan and Ariana, calling the actress a bad name, too.

She replied to his tweet saying: “I was raised to never speak poorly or spread false rumors about anybody… Sending light and kindness to everyone in my path.” It continued on when Frankie Grande, her brother,  revealed on twitter the reason for their break-up and how broken-hearted she was after he dumped her over the phone!

So, is Jai the one she mentioned? With all the dramatics that happened between them and family members, perhaps so. The way she spoke, it sounds like it was a relationship that wouldn’t go far. Acting differently from who you truly are can be unhealthy for anybody.

Here’s hoping for a healthy relationship for your future, Ariana! Remember, be true to yourself. Never change who you are.

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