Bella Thorne Will Be Guest Starring On CSI!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Shake It Up, Bella Thorne, will be guest starring on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Last week, Bella tweeted the following:

“starting a cool guest star role on a very established show tomorrow! #excited #goodrole #deep #emotional”

At first, we had no clue what it could have been but EOnline has just exclusively learned and revealed that this star will be appearing in one episode of the upcoming season. Bella will play the role of Hannah who is “a very popular high school student with everything going for her.”

“Despite being a member of the National Honor Roll, president of the French club, the literacy volunteer of the year, and the captain of the swim team, Hannah’s hiding a few secrets. She’ll become the prime suspect in the murder of a fellow student at her high school.”

We are super excited to see Bella in the upcoming episode. Be sure to check back with TI for more updates on Bella’s new guest starring role!

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