Drake Bell To Play A List Minute Show TONIGHT After His Camarillo Concert!!

Drake Bell is going to be a very busy guy tonight! As most of you know, he is set to play a show in Camarillo, CA this evening at Rock City Studios. Drake also took to Twitter this morning to announce a special treat for his fans in Los Angeles saying, “Playing a last minute show tonight at Midnight at the John Lovitts club at universal city walk! Come through! 18+” Wow!! What a fantastic day to be a Drake Bell fan!

Will you be attending either one or both of Drake’s shows tonight? If so, be sure to share your excitement in the comment box below!

GloZell’s Book Signing & Live Comedy Show — Details Here

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GloZell has two events coming up where you can go see her! GloZell is headed to Washington! In Washington Glozell is going to have a live comedy show at The Parlor Live Comedy Club on June 11th starting at 7pm.

GloZell is also set to have a book signing in Studio City, CA on May 3rd from 11am-2pm at the First Christian Church Of North Hollywood. This event is free for everyone, there is no admission fee and there is no parking fee. If you would like to take a picture with GloZell you just need to bring in your copy of her book “Wait! Let Me Tell You” and she will sign it and take a picture with you. If you don’t have your own copy of her book you can buy it at the event for $10 and she will still take a picture with you and sign the book.

We hope everyone that attends one of these events has a great time with the hilarious GloZell!

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