VIDEO: ‘Austin & Ally’ Cast Creates Support Signs For Rose Bowl Teams!

austinallyDisney Channel’s Austin & Ally cast members — Calum Worthy, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano — are totally in the spirit of football! The three Disney Channel stars showed off what would be their own signs in support of the teams competing in the Rose Bowl which airs on January 1st on ESPN!

Check out what their signs look like in the video below and don’t forget to comment and let us know what your sign would say!

ABC Family: Tune-In MONDAY For An All-New Episode Of Switched At Birth – 8/7c


Don’t forget to tune in to ABC Family MONDAY starting at 8/7c for all new episode of Switched at Birth. The premise of the episode: Back from a soul-searching trip to Iceland after his failed marriage, Toby returns with a new perspective on life and a surprising new aspiration for his career. Bay’s college dreams are knocked for a loop when she doesn’t get the news she expected. Angelo helps Daphne redirect her senior year stresses with a baking challenge. Meanwhile, Regina’s participation in the East Riverside project brings her to yet another moral crossroad.

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Check out the promo trailer below for the upcoming episode of Switched at Birth:

ABC FAMILY: Comedy Wednesday For Baby Daddy At 8:30/7:30c


Don’t miss this WEDNESDAY’S all-new comedy hour on ABC Family for a night of flashbacks! Tune-in starting for Baby Daddy starting at 8:30/7:30c and find out what happens when Bonnie accidentally gives away Emma’s college tuition to a troubled fraternity. The premise of the episode is: Bonnie decides to baby-proof the apartment and sells the foosball table to struggling fraternity Sigma Beta Kappa, unaware that Ben had been hiding money in the table for Emma’s college fund. Ben and Tucker pose as pledges in order to get the money back, but their fake identities cause more trouble than they’re worth. Meanwhile, Riley is not happy that Danny is dating Georgie (Mallory Jansen), especially because she blames the Brit for ending her relationship with Philip. But when Georgie secures Riley an interview for the in-house counsel job at Vogue, Riley begins to look at her rival in a new light – at least until she overhears Georgie admitting the interview was bogus. Riley can’t wait to tell Danny the truth about his deceptive girlfriend, but can she really break her best friend’s heart?

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Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University!



“Accio diploma!” Congratulations are in order for Harry Potter star Emma Watson on receiving her degree in English literature from Brown University. We think that Em looks lovely in her cap and gown. Your fans are very proud of you Emma, and we can’t wait to see your next project and report on your future success! 🙂

Kendall Jenner Will Not Be Attending College

Kendall Jenner at Rent the Runway Pop-Up ShopEver since Kendall turned 18 years-old, rumor has it that she may attend college. While it is true that she visited a few, such as Texas Christian University and High Point University in North Carolina, she will not be enrolling anytime soon.

If all continues to go well with modeling, if will be her first priority. Do you think she should continue taking off the clothes, or begin hitting the books?

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