FEATURETTE/PICS: Get A First Glimpse At New Disney Short ‘Frozen Fever’!


Frozen is back and with a big celebration!

Walt Disney Studios’ presents an all-new short, Frozen Fever, that welcomes Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf back to celebrate Anna’s birthday! Kristoff and Elsa are determined to give her the greatest celebration ever, but when the lovely ice beauty Elsa catches a bit of a cold, her powers seem to get a bit out of hand.

Check out some fantastic first look images along with a great featurette that has Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee taking you behind the scenes for “A Special Look”!

Remember, Frozen Fever is set to open in theaters on March 13th in front of Disney’s new live-action film, Cinderella!

PHOTOS: Hilary Duff Is Hot — And Cold! — Hanging With Friends!


Even with the busyness of her schedule — between promoting new music and filming her television series, YoungerHilary Duff finds the time to chill with some friends in Los Angeles, California on December 20th.

Unfortunately we can’t tell what kind of weather she’s having: is it warm out or a bit chilly? Rocking a snowcap and summery duds with a long sleeve tied around, it’s hard to tell, but she still looks awesome!

Check out more pics of Hilary below!

Hilary Duff Getting Ready For The Chilly Weather @hilaryduff


Hilary Duff is not ready for the cold! It is too cold outside that she can’t even wear what she wants without freezing once she steps foot outside.

She posted this photo and said “@HilaryDuff: This jacket Is not gunna cut it in this weather 😨”

Kendall Freezes In New York City! @KendallJenner


Kendall Jenner posted the photo above to Instagram showing everyone how cold it is! She tried to get the camera to show her breath but it didn’t work out!

Vanessa Hudgens Definitely Arrives On Frozen Ground

Vanessa ChicagoVanessa Hudgens was wondering “Whyyyyy?!” as she arrived today, Jan 5th, in Chicago to brutally cold and snowy conditions. Check out Nessa’s video that she made as she arrived. We hope Nessa can find a way to stay warm.


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