Help Demi Lovato And Take Her #WearHope Challenge With ‘We365’!


Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation for something to happen. Sometimes we hope to get a car or better grades. Perhaps even hoping for that one job you want. Hope is a word that has become a big part of Demi Lovato‘s campaigning these days.

Currently, Demi’s using the help of We365, a large community of people who want to help different causes by using inspiring challenges, to help raise awareness and money for mental health. Teaming with Regular Hero, also an organization that helps become “the voice” for different causes, Demi brings you the Hope Dealer Collection!

By accepting Demi’s challenge on We365 and purchasing any of these amazing clothes, all proceeds go toward the Lovato Scholarship Fund at CAST Recovery. You can be a Hope Dealer yourself by heading here:

Are you ready to become a Hope Dealer with Demi?

Rixton Got Some New Merch For You To Wear — Check It Out!

rixtonRixton’s showing off some fresh pieces of merchandise for their fans. With this awesome pic of the guys donning their own merchandise, they tweeted:

To get your hands on one of these snazzy shirts, please click HERE. What’s your favorite garment piece?

Olivia Holt Is The New Face For WallFlower Jeans!

oliviaDisney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It star, Olivia Holt, is officially the new face of WallFlower Jeans! The exciting news was announced today, September 16th, on Twitter by Olivia and the company themselves!

Congratulations, Olivia!

Kylie Jenner Talks With Miss Vogue UK — Watch Here!!


Kylie Jenner recently did a feature with Miss Vogue UK. During her shoot she stopped to answer some questions about her style and more. Be sure to watch her interview with Miss Vogue UK below!

Miley Cyrus Designs Dirty Hippie Fashions! – Details & Jeremy Scott Show Pics!

Miley Cyrus is a singer, dancer, actress, charity supporter, award winner, and so much more! And now she can add fashion designer to her growing list of accomplishments! Miley has teamed up with designer Jeremy Scott to bring the “Dirty Hippie” line to the world! Miley debuted her clothing and awesome accessories at New York Fashion Week to thunderous applause and scores of great compliments from media, fellow stars, and fans alike. Miley’s style combines beads, bright colors, and more for a unique and one of a kind look.

Jeremy Scott told E! how the collaboration between he and Miley came to be saying, “We live really close to each other in LA, and she had a little party and I came over, and she started showing me these things she was making, and I said ‘Wow, this kind of looks like my collection — it’s colorful and stream-of-consciousness and everything just kind of goes and somehow works. I was like, ‘Oh my god this looks so cool, would you think about doing something?’ And she said absolutely. And then the next day I sent her a text and said I was dead serious about the jewelry for the show, if you’re into it. And she was like, ‘I thought you were joking, I’m so happy!’ And then she’s calling me and saying, ‘OK, we have to start planning.’ And she just got into and she did it. She made everything herself.” Scott said his collection as a whole was inspired by the idea of “a music festival — like an outdoor party on the beach, or at a bonfire. It’s like, no roof, nighttime, music playing, people having fun.”

We think Miley and Jeremy’s new line is pretty mind blowing and cool! Would you rock the out of this world style? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check out some fabulous photos from the line’s debut event!

Miley Cyrus Rocks Sparkly Pants And Jean Jacket In NYC!

Yesterday, September 7, Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving and arriving back at her NYC hotel.

The 21-year-old star was wearing a pair of sparkly purple pants, a graphic t-shirt and an oversize jean jacket as well as her new DIY sunglasses that she seems to LOVE.

Miley is never afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion, and I have to say that this is a pretty simple outfit for her. Maybe not as simple as her Alexander Wang after-party look, but you get what I am saying.

Check out some more pictures of Miley outside of the hotel!

Ashley Benzo In A Jacket That Makes Our Wardrobes Weep! — Get The Look!

Whenever I watch Pretty Little Liars, I am always so focused on the Liar’s clothes.  They always look perfect!  I don’t know about you, but in school my go-to outfit was leggings and a t-shirt!  Sometimes, I would even squeeze into jeans.  But Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily are always dressed in head-to-toe accessorized perfection.

Well, as it turns out, the stars that play these characters also have an envy worthy fashion sense! While spending time with her sister and a friend, Ashely Benson was wearing a killer printed jacket! Ashley is always on top of her game, and last night was no exception!

But never fear!  You can steal Ashley’s look for only $65.60!

Dig The Vamps’ New Look? Check It Out Here!

10593488_1502057296706886_1271131445_nSo, what do you think of The Vamps new look? Is it not enough or already way over the top? Maybe a new hat would do the trick? Okay, okay, we’re done teasing the guys. From the shared Instagram pic above, it seems another #VampsVsCrew challenge didn’t go as expected.

The guys sometimes do fun challenges against their crew and the loser pays the price. This challenge was special though as it was in honor of their manager, Joe O’Neill’s birthday. We’re sure you can see what happened to the non-winner of this challenge. Despite the awkwardness, The Vamps were good sports letting the crew dress them in new outfits.

What do you guys think of this crazy new look for The Vamps?

Yet Another Taylor Swift Outfit That Makes Your Wardrobe Weep! — Photos Here!

Taylor Swift has turned the streets of New York City into her own personal runway.  She was a model for Abercrombie before reaching superstardom after her first hit, “Teardrops on My Guitar,” so she definitely knows what she is doing!

Today the 24-year-old singer/songwriter left Angelica Kitchen in New York, New York wearing a mint green polka dot dress, a pair of hot pink pumps, and a “S” necklace in celebration of BFF, Selena Gomez’s 22nd birthday! It is outfits like this one that have all of us wishing we could have Taylor with us when we go shopping.  Her outfits are always so adorable yet simple, and always shows off her long legs that seemingly go on for days!

Check out the photos below of today’s TSwift outfit:

Victoria Justice Wants You To Recycle Your Old Clothes!!

Victoria Justice Recycle

Hey guys! This is an important issue for me! Did you all know 11.1M tons of textiles end up in landfills each year? YOU CAN HELP! Recycle all your old clothes with H&M and DoSomething’s Comeback Clothes. I did!

Visit to get started 🙂

Source: Victoria Justice’s Tumblr 

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