See The Real Bridgit Mendler In Her Own ‘Clean & Clear’ Video!


Bridgit Mendler is featured in all new video from Clean & Clear where the star represents and promotes the brand’s products. Bridgit is known not only for her acting on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie but also her music. While we would expect Bridgit to talk about her music and acting in all new video from Clean & Clear, Bridgit talks about her life as a student. The singer and star shared the video on Twitter and wrote:

“I love being a performer, but here’s another side of me.”

Clean & Clear included the following with the video:

“Bridgit Mendler is best known from her singing and acting career, but she wants to be seen as more than that. Bridgit would like the world to see her as just another college student. Even though she is afraid of her new classmates judging her for being a performer, she shares her story and they accept her for who she really is. The real Bridgit is just like any other student.”

Be sure to check out everything Bridgit had to say in her Clean & Clear video by watching it below and let us know what you think by commenting!

How Does Fifth Harmony Express Themselves? — Watch Now!

fifth harmonyThey’ve spoken about their confidence, what it’s like to be a teen and expressed their real selves. Now, Clean & Clear brings you another Inner Selfie episode with Fifth Harmony. This time you’ll be able to learn what self-expression means to them. So, sit back, watch the video below and express yourself in the comments about the video!

Fifth Harmony’s Inner Selfies Parts 2 & 3 — Watch Now!

fifthharmonyYou saw what makes Fifth Harmony confident. Now, Clean & Clear brings you more inner selfie workings of these confident beauties.

Being a teen can be hard, but in Inner Selfies Part 2, Fifth Harmony lets you in on what they love about being a teenager, including the challenges. In part 3, the fearsome fivesome gives you great insight on what their real selves are like!

So, check out these insightful videos below and celebrate the real you!



Fifth Harmony: What Makes Them Confident — Watch Now

clean & clearConfidence is described as being certain, or positive, about a course of action that is most effective to you. It can show in a variety of forms such as the right outfit or just being happy with yourself.

Fifth Harmony spoke with Clean & Clear about what makes them confident, showing their inner selfies. You can see what they had to say by checking out the video below.

Be a part of the #SeeTheRealMe movement by Clean & Clear on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by taking a selfie and hashtag it #SeeTheRealMe. Show your real self now!

Fifth Harmony’s ‘Tour Diaries’ Episodes 1 & 2 — See Videos Here

Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony is one of the music artists currently on the Neon Lights Tour with Demi Lovato. They work as an opening act for the singer with Cher Lloyd and Little Mix. They began the North American part of the tour on February 9th, the last show planned for March 30th. The fearsome fivesome, with Clean & Clear and VEVO, bring you their own Neon Lights Tour Diaries which take you through tour preparation.

In the first episode of Tour Diaries, the group takes you through the fun of choreography, preparation for the Neon Lights Tour and speaks about how important good health is, skin care included. The second episode shows you how they make their tour intro video, the video which plays before they take the stage.

So, check out episodes 1 and 2 of the videos below and enjoy!



Demi Lovato’s “See The Real Me” Clean & Clear Video — Watch Here


Clean and Clear has started a new video series on YouTube where girls can show the world who they really are. Demi Lovato has teamed up with Clean and Clear in the past and she still continues to do so.

In the video below Demi explains to us who she really is on and off the stage and what she is trying to work at. Watch the video below to see and hear how Demi is a Sister, Daughter and a Warrior.

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