Enter Claire’s #GotVamps Competition For Signed Merch Now — Details Here!

vampsYeah, you read it right! You can easily win a chance to get some awesome signed merchandise by The Vamps from Claire’s! For the next few weeks, there will be winners chosen at random and all you need to do is share your fave Vamps merch from Claire’s!

Check out all the details you need to know below!


The Vamps’ Twitter Takeover For Claire’s — Details Here!

vampsTomorrow (October 16th), British hotties, The Vamps, will be taking over Claire’s Europe Twitter! So, get your questions in using #ClairesxTHEVAMPS as soon as you can to see if yours will get answered!

Vanessa Hudgens Gets 4 New Piercings! – Pics Here!

Vanessa Hudgens headed to Claire’s this week to get 4 new ear piercings. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about tattoos and piercings is that once you get one, you’ll want more! We love the photos that Vanessa posted of her pretty new ear piercings. We hope it didn’t hurt too badly to get them!

Do you have any piercings of your own?

Austin Mahone Takes Over Claire’s Twitter TODAY!

BvBIfCdCAAASEnV.png largeAustin Mahone is taking over the Claire’s stores’ Twitter today beginning at 4 p.m. EST/1 p.m. PST! To get your questions in, use #ClairesAskAustin on Twitter and follow Claire’s on Twitter!

And remember, Mahomies, if you have some time, enter Claire’s Boys of Summer Sweepstakes to win a sweet jacket signed by Austin Mahone himself!

Enter Claire’s Boys Of Summer Sweepstakes To Win Sweet Merch From Your Fave Artist!

BvBIfCdCAAASEnV.png largeClaire’s stores is making sure their customers, and music fans, continue to enjoy an awesome summer! And to help them enjoy it, they want to give you a chance to win some sweet merchandise from one of their “Boys of Summer” in the Boys of Summer Sweepstakes!

You’ll be able to win a signed jacket from Austin Mahone, a signed Fender guitar from 5 Seconds of Summer, a Lag guitar and a Black Star Amp signed from the Vamps and a super awesome mega prize pack from One Direction filled with goodies galore!

To more details and to enter this fun sweepstakes, click here!

Wanna Win A Chance To Meet The Vamps — Details Here!

the vampsHey, Minneapolis! You can get your chance to Meet The Vamps thanks to Claires at Mall of America as they make their way for a signing on August 12th! All you have to do is follow the directions they give you in the above pic on Twitter and you’ll get a chance at winning VIP tickets to meet and greet the guys!

So retweet the pic and good luck!

The Vamps Meet Fans At Claires In Chicago — Watch Now!

vamps signingYesterday (August 8th), Claires in Chicago, Illinois filled up with nervous and overexcited fans. Why? Because the amazing singers of “Somebody To You”, The Vamps, were there in person ready to sign autographs for their eager fans.

Check out the video of their Claires signing below! Perhaps you were one of the many fans in there!

Fifth Harmony Poses Wearing Their Group T-Shirts -Pic Inside- @FifthHarmony

BenSFCxCMAAybkI.jpg largeFifth Harmony looks fabulous in anything they wear. The fearsome fivesome are posing wearing stylish pants and t-shirts bearing their group picture and name. According to the girls, the shirts are being sold at Claire’s stores.

Does anyone else want a Fifth Harmony shirt as much as I do? Raise your hand!

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